Obama Shrinks The U.S. Deficit By $1 Trillion!

Obama has been practically swimming in W’s this year. He is really ending his presidency on the right note.

(Photos/Video) Obama Visits The Hiroshima Bombing Site, But Still No Formal U.S. Apology

Obama has a had a pretty good last few months in office. It feels like every decision he’s made has been spot-on but, of course, nothing is ever perfect. Many people were obsessing over his soon-to-be visit to Hiroshima, the historic site of the world’s first atomic bomb drop. Many people, especially the Japanese, expected an apology from the U.S., but Obama has said he didn’t plan on it. Well, when he arrived to Japan today, it was clear that he was a man of his word.

(Video) New Ferry Service Sets Sail Between U.S and Cuba With Obama Administration Approval

Barack Obama seeks to mend relationship with Cuba even further by lifting the ban on ferries between the two countries. Find out more after the jump!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Michelle & Barrack Obama Celebrate 22 Years Of Marriage

AWWW the First Lady and the President celebrate their 22nd year of marriage – that’s definitely worth some applause! It’s beautiful to see a couple last so long now-a-days, and especially an African American couple that [might I add] is heading up the whole country.

Democrats Fear Michelle Obama’s Last Name Might Stir Up Trouble For Campaigning

Uplifting crowds, encouraging women, and increasing the turnout among African-American voters — yes Mrs. Obama can do it! And even though that’s all good, it does seem a bit strange that Michelle Obama has been somewhat absent from the campaign trail as the tallies get closer for which party will have control of the Senate.

(Video) Obama Says U.S. Intelligence Community Underestimated ISIS Threats

President Barack Obama spoke at the Global Health Security Agenda Summit on Sept. 26 in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington. He admitted that the U.S. intelligence community underestimated the threats from ISIS that have emerged from the Syrian civil war. Hit the jump for more!

President Obama Announces His Surprising Phone Call With Iranian President Hassan Rouhani!!!

Ties between the U.S and Iran have been very controversial and hectic, yet today marks what seems to be a major breakthrough amongst nations as President Obama spoke with the Iranian President which hasn’t been done by a U.S president in 3 decades!!! Hit the jump for more detail!

(Video) President Obama Speaks About College Affordability [LIVE]

President, Barrack Obama stops by the University of Buffalo, a speaks to the students about college affordability. I want to say…Listen, Mr. President I’ve heard it all when it comes to this college education madness, so let’s create action! These fees are ridiculous! By the time I’m finished (SOON!) I’m not going to know what to do with myself, so not ONLY should a plan be created for in-coming students, BUT a plan needs to be created for students that are leaving as well. I know a thing or two about making something SOUND good, Obama! Actions speak LOUDER than words! Hit the jump, and check out what’s going on with the government and a financial stability for college students.

(Video) LOL! Look At What Obama’s Singing…

Click the jump to see a hilarious video of our president, Barrack Obama rapping Trinidad James. (Well…Kind of!)

(Photos) Which Couples Made Forbes World’s Most Powerful Couple List ??

When it comes to being a power couple, it’s clear that both people in said relationship have to have their own success to bring to the table. So naturally, it makes sense that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are considered one of the world’s most powerful couples. And despite all of the politics, these two still manage to make their romance look easy. Apparently Forbes agrees, considering the First Couple made its “The World’s Most Powerful Couples” list. And when it comes to the most powerful couple in music, Jay-Z and Beyonce were clearly a no brainer for the list as well Congrats to both couples. Hit the jump for more…..

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