President Obama To Public Schools: Allow Trans Students To Use Either Bathroom

What?? Well that’s a new one…I mean I guess the argument is how do you go about deciphering which bathroom a person of transgender should use? President Obama tells the public school systems to allow them to choose for themselves.

(Photos+Video) Couple Locks Child In Room, Uses Bucket As Bathroom

On Thursday, a mother and father pleaded not guilty to false imprisonment and child abuse charges stemming from allegations they forced one of their children to use a bucket as a toilet while locked in a room.

(Video) Wtf! Woman Discovers Two-Way Mirror In Ladies Bathroom

Ladies be careful! A woman shared a video of a bathroom inside a bar. When she found the placement of the mirror to be quite odd she decided to do some investigating and you won’t believe what she found.

(Photos) California Citizens Against Bathroom Block

Approximately 620,000 California residents signed a petition to force a referendum on a 2013 state law that allows transgender students in public schools the right to use the restroom and shower facilities of their choice, based on their self-perceived gender. So, biological girls can use boys’ showers and restrooms, and vice versa. The group responsible for the petition, Privacy for All, birthed this movement. But somehow the state invalidated thousands of signatures, and now the petition is tied up in court. So, the organization is suing to have it re-examined. Until their time in court, the group has started a new petition and totally against a transgender bathroom block.

Boxing: WTF? Store Employee Calls 911 On Floyd Mayweather For Using The Bathroom??

What the hell is wrong with some people? How does a situation like this even end with a call to police for help? An employee of Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan called the police after Floyd Mayweather tried to use the bathroom at the store. Confused? You should be because the woman’s actions make no sense and sounds like she had other motives.

(Video) NFL: Dude Gets Sucker Punched In Bathroom During Bears/Cowboys Game

Why is damn near every fight you see at an NFL game happen in the bathroom. It seems to have happened much more often this season than any other in the past. Here we have two Bears fans getting into it, again in the bathroom. Can’t really tell who started it, but one guy shoves the other and then he catches a right hook to the face from the sideline. He appeared to take the punch well. Situation could of got much worse.

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