NFL: Fans Will Love This! 49ers New Stadium Will Feature An Amazing App!

Why have I not thought of creating something like this?!  It just makes perfect sense!  I’m not a drinker, but I am a sports fan so I know how much fans love to enjoy some beer while watching/attending sporting events.  The 49ers have created an amazing app that fans are going to love.  I have a feeling other teams are going to follow in their footsteps.  Check it out…

(Video) MLB: GROSS! Houston Vendor Fired For Bringing Snow Cones INTO Bathroom Stall While He Went…

Yuck, yuck and yuck!  I’m the type of person that washes their hands 50x a day so this really made my stomach turn.  No snow cones for me, thanks. A Houston vendor was fired after someone shared cell phone footage of the vendor taking a sh*t with the snow cones on the ground next to the toilet!  C’mon people!!!  Check out the details and video after the jump…

#SAD – 9th Grader Commits Suicide Inside Of The Bathroom At School !!!

Yet another upsetting story. A 9th grader in Tulsa, OK took a gun and committed suicide. Coweta Superintendent of Schools confirms that the Intermediate School is on lockdown. The school official who initially called police said that no one was hurt, but soon called back and changed that story. The child’s name has yet to be released, but prayers go out to the child and family. We have to be more accessible to the children in difficult situations, so that this doesn’t happen. Drop down bottom for more.

Too Much Tweeting On The… Toilet !?!

There are many studies conducted to gauge how data-crazy we truly are becoming as a society. Just this year we saw an 85% increase in users connecting through mobile apps and an 82% increase on mobile web browsers. The decline of about 4% referring to PC-based internet users comes as no shock. Mobile devices are with us almost everywhere…. Yes… EVERYWHERE !! Hit the jump for these mind blowing statistics. Tat Wza

(Video & Pics *NSFW*) MLB: Whoa! Couple Caught Having Sex in Bathroom At Yankee Stadium!!

Two frisky fans hit an inside-the-park home run in a Yankee Stadium bathroom as the Bronx Bombers beat the Tampa Bay Rays Saturday. In a video posted on the sports blog Deadspin, fans can be seen watching as a man clad only in a hiked-up CC Sabathia T-shirt and a woman had full-on sex in the stall under the left field bleachers. GameTimeGirl

(Photos) NYC Hotel Bathrooms With Glass Wall Gives People Peep Show!

An exclusive Manhattan Hotel has walls of glass that give the people using the bathroom a great view of the city. Although they get an amazing view, the people below them also get a view. The people’s view on the street below is not so amazing, as they stare up and watch people go to the bathroom! Hit the jump Steph B

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