App Showdown!!! Which Messaging App Is Better?!

It’s been about a week since BBM dropped, and it got 10 Million downloads in 24 hours, not sure where it’s at now, but it’s being talked about, some good ways, some not so good. WhatApp is already been in use for a while, and may be the favorite, but that is exactly why we’re here, what do you think?!?

WHOA!! BBM Downloaded How Many Times In 24 Hours?!

Almost unbelievable since the device Blackberry is damn near extinct, but at least 1 part of the company that once was king of the smartphones shall live on!!

Is Apple Stopping BBM From Going In The App Store?!?

Allegedy Blackberry submtted BBM as an App for iOs to Apple 2 weeks ago and they are saying that’s a week and a half past the time Apple usually approves big apps. There is no word from Apple as to the hold up, but I have a couple guesses below.

(Video) Check Out This BBM Demo For Android Smartphones!!

BlackBerry announced sometime ago that they will be bringing their messenger to both iOS and Android smartphones. The company is planning to launch both versions of the BBM sometime soon.

How To Use BBM For iOS And Android Exposed, And Will Be Out WHEN?!

Apparently a couple days ago Blackberry accidentally leaked the ‘Manual’ to operate BBM for iOS and Android. Now this manual has since been taken down, but there is at least 1 pic that is still on the web, an Android with the login page on it. There is some key info that you need to see on it because it may change your mind on using BBM, Hit the Jump!!

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