Woman Hospitalized After Chris Brown’s Security Team Allegedly Beat Her

Chris Brown’s security team has been accused of roughing up a woman so badly over the weekend that she ended up in the hospital for symptoms of whiplash. According to reports by TMZ, Jakaria, a 28-year-old insurance agent was chilling with Chris Brown and his entourage at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Sunday. Before getting close to Chris and his crew, everyone had to give up their cell phones. Things got crazy when Jakaria went to leave and hit up security for her two cell phones. Security accused Jakaria of trying to steal someone else’s phone. They proceeded to rough her up. According to the victim, the guards grabbed her by the hair, shook her and threw her to the ground. They even tried to stomp on her until someone else intervened. By the time the victim made it back to her home, she realized she was badly hurt and called an ambulance. Doctors told her she was experiencing whiplash. Las Vegas law enforcement confirm that battery report was taken and the incident is being investigated.

Chris Brown Finally Settles Basketball Beat-Down Case!

Life seems to be getting better and better for Chris Brown ever since baby Royalty came into his life and this is just another plus to add to the list! Last year, a man named Malcolm Ausbon claimed that Breezy and three of his goonies beat him down on the basketball court at a 24-hour LA Fitness in Los Angeles. After tons of back-and-forth, Brown was able to settle the whole situation by cutting a check. However, Ausbon isn’t going to be able to quit his day job and move to Aruba off the money like he originally thought. In the beginning, Ausbon was fighting to get at least $250,000 for his pain and suffering but according to sources, he got WAY less– something in the 4 figure range. Breezy just wanted Ausbon to “go away,” so we shall see if it works. The actual amount of the settlement cannot be revealed due to the terms and conditions, but we’re guessing he got such a small amount because he tried to blackmail Chris instead of handling it like a man. WELP! Another win for Chris Brown. Hopefully now he can stay out of trouble and get his life on track for his daughter once and for all.

(Video) Update: 5 Arrests Made In Brutal Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown

Update: At least 5 Arrests have been made in the Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown of 15 year old Ariana Taylor including it’s ring-leader, who had 10 prior arrests before this incident. Since they’re trying her as an adult she faces a hard sentence if found guilty of all robbery and gang assault charges…

The Game Says Infamous 40 Glocc Beat Down Was Self-Defense & That It’s Keeping Him Relevant!

Two years ago, Compton rapper The Game gave 40 Gloc a beat down so bad that it’s still being talked about to this day.

(Video) SMH: Bullies Viciously Beat 7th Grader In Illinois Middle School!

School officials and parents need to do a better job at protecting these children! Recently, a 7th grader was viciously attacked by a group of bullies at his middle school in Illinois. Anthony Avila agreed to fight the ring leader of the group, so that the boys would stop tormenting him. Instead he was jumped, suffering multiple bruises and a concussion. The attack, which was caught on camera, was on school grounds at Comper’s Junior High School in Joliet. To see the video, click below.

NFL: Inmate That Aaron Hernandez Beat Down Gets Arrested Again & Sent Back To The Same Jail

Some people are so stupid.  SMH.  Andrew Booker, the kid that got the beat down from Aaron Hernandez in jail was released in March and now he’s back again behind bars.  Maybe he wanted another shot at Hernandez?!  Hit the jump for details…

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