NBA: Hilton Hotels Apologize to Kyrie Irving For the Bed Bugs in His Room

Kyrie Irving only played nine minutes on Sunday during the Cleveland Cavaliers win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The team blamed flu-like symptoms but Irving later said he was feeling ill after discovering bed bugs on a pillow and ending up on a couch instead of his bed at the Skirvin Hilton.  He said he didn’t sleep much and had a sore back.  Now the Hilton Hotels have apologized.

(Photo) NBA: LOL, Terminix Offers Cavs To Travel With Team On Road Trip After Kyrie’s Bout With Bed Bugs

Kyrie Irving had to deal with bed bugs at a hotel in Oklahoma City but he may never have to worry about that happening again now that the pest management company “Terminix” wants to get involved. After news broke of Kyrie and the dirty pests at the hotel, Terminix reached out to him and the Cavs to offer their services.

(Video) NBA: Gross! Kyrie Irving Blames Stomach Issues On Bed Bugs In OKC Hotel

The historic Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City is probably going to have a tough time booking guests after Kyrie aired them out about a bed bug issue. Kyrie missed the majority of the game against the Thunder on Sunday and the team blamed it on stomach issues. Well that was partially right because he explained himself the reason he was nauseous to begin with was because of a bunch of bed bugs on the pillow next to him.

Sports: Here We Go Againnn – Donald Sterling Being Sued, Accused of Racism

Once again, Donald Sterling faces a lawsuit regarding unfair treatment and racism. This time around, Sterling is being sued by a tenant from one of his apartment buildings. The tenant, who JUST so happens to be African-American, complained to Sterling about bed bug infestation; however, the complaints went on deaf ears. To make matters worse, Sterling fixed the same problem in nearby apartments while deliberately avoiding the African-American man’s home SMH…more details on this lawsuit story after the jump!

GROSS!! Bed Bug Infestation On MTA Subway System!!

We broke news about bed bugs taking over the N train, but them damn things must have an unlimited metrocard because they were found on another NYC train!! Found out which one after the jump…

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