You Be The Critic: Will You Be Downloading Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 5” ?!

It’s that time again, Tunechi dropping another mixtape, The Dedication 5!! Soooo, are you copping (Downloading) that?!

You Be The Critic: Who Do You Blame For The Outcome?!

The outcome, although somewhat expected, took a good bit of people by surprise…the notion that this guy can take a young life and not get a drop of punishment…#NoJustice. But Who Do you feel like dropped the Ball here…The Prosecution for Not including the lesser charge(s), or the Jury for coming back with that decision?! You Be The Critic.

You Be The Critic: Who Do You Want To See More?!?!

So The Yankee Stadium Show with Jay-Z/JT is a week from Today, we Know you want to see them, especially since we just launched a Contest that you guys reacted to…So You Be the Critic, Who Do You Want To See More?!?!

Take Our Poll: What Do You Watch More?!

Netflix has been on the Rise for a couple of years now, And Now People are starting to actually use Netflix as they’re Primary source of TV…I actually did this 2 Years ago, I was sick and tire of Cable draining my pocket for the same content over and over, and Not even on My terms, So I said “[email protected]#% this, Netflix is $8 a Month!!” What Are you doing?!

Take This POLL: Which Of These Will Be Smartphone of the Year?!?!??

This is the question in my mind since I saw how incredible the GS4 was at the reveal, and knowing how Dope Apple usually is, I’ve been tussling back and forth, Which will be greater this year….Is this the year Samsung becomes King, or is this the year Apple shows you Why it’s King(for good?)…But Ultimately, the People Will decide(by Purchasing 1 more than the other), So which one do you think will be the Smartphone of 2013?!?!?!!!!

Take this Poll: Which Of These Freestyle Do You Like Better?!

To Me this isn’t even a difficult choice, Much respect to Yo Gotti, BUT Joell Ortiz Did His MF’ing Thing On the 5am Beat, Like Destroyed It!!!! But, we must let the People Speak, Take the Poll so it Counts!!!

POLL: Xbox 720 Or PS4?!?!

This Is SUCH a Difficult decision….Can Y’all PLEASE Help ME with This?!?!?

Poll: Which Is One Of THESE Tracks From The #FunkFlexMixtape Is Your Favorite?!

Now that you’ve had time to ingest that Heat known as the #FunkFlexMixtape, we Really want to know how you like specific songs from the tape, are fans of specific artists pleased?! Now Mac Miller is a little more known, But Chris Webby is Up and coming, so based on both tracks on the Tape, which was your Fav?!?!?

Come And Vote In Our Bedloo Box On Which Search Engine Do You Prefer???

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