(Video) Crime Or Color?: More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud

So exactly what color is a “welfare queen?” Stereotypes, stigmas and racial profiling don’t apply to the More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud. While some ask “does it matter if you’re black or white?” others point out how, well…nobody’s really talking about this. If the arrests were people of color would this be a different story? Is the way we look at food stamp benefits all wrong to begin with?

Wow! Drinking Coffee More Often Lowers Your Risk Of WHAT Cancer?!?!?

There are many in the world that don’t believe in the benefits of coffee. While all of the details of its benefits aren’t known, researchers are getting closer and closer to them. One great benefit is that people with a daily coffee habit were less likely to get a common type of liver cancer. Get the full scoop after the jump.

5 Health Benefits Of Kissing!

Who doesn’t take pleasure in kissing their partner sometimes or all of the time? Well besides just enjoying the pleasure of a nice kiss there are also health benefits to them! Hit the jump to see 5 benefits good for both men and women. Steph Bassanini

CEOs Are Winning And Workers Are Losing

Benefits that most American workers, both union and nonunion, have long enjoyed enabling a decent standard of living for families are being cut back or eliminated by corporations simply because they think they can get away with it. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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