All She Sees Is DOLLAR SIGNS! Rihanna Wins Huge Settlement Against Former Accountant

I can’t even imagine how salty Peter Gounis and the firm Berdon LLP must fell right now. While they’ve taken a major loss, Rihanna is rolling in the dough! Last week, news broke that in 2009, the “S.O.S.” singer went nearly bankrupt due to some BAD financial advice given to her from Gounis, her accountant at the time. Despite her financial burden back then, RiRi was given the go-ahead to purchase a $7 million home in L.A. that left her with a mere $2 million (Oh, the agony of being broke!). The home was in major need of some TLC, which forced the songstress to shell out an additional million. Rihanna had sold the house back for $5 million and well, she went on to fire the accountant and sue for $35 million in 2012 – that’s a stretch! Welp, she can celebrate her 26th birthday real proper after this settlement. Hit the jump to find out how much the the firm settled for.

Wait, What? Rihanna Reveals She Was BANKRUPT in 2009 Because Of WHO?!

Rihanna has been one of the hottest and most popular artists the past few years, so is it possible the Bajan beauty really went bankrupt like she’s claiming? RiRi revealed that in 2009, her accountant made so many poor decisions with her money which resulted in some serious financial problems for the entertainer. Legal documents show that Rih is claiming she had $11 million dollars in cash in 2009 until her accountant made some bad choices, leaving her with $2M left. Of course that’s still much more money than any of us normal folk will probably ever see, but it put Rihanna in the hole because of her many financial responsibilities that she was informed she’d be able to take on. Her accountant apparently told her she would be able to afford a house in the price-range of 7-7 1/2 million dollars, causing her to blow through 9 mil in just living expenses. FYI: Rihanna’s current net-worth is $43 million dollars, so she’s clearly winning despite the set-back. Looks like she got the last laugh!

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