(Video) Check Out Some Of The Coolest Robots #CES2014 Had To Offer!!!

Ok, I am just getting back into the fold after seeing all the great and innovative things at #CES2014, and there were plenty, but one of the funnest things I ran into throughout the entire CES was the diff variety of Robots! From Funny, to useful, to service, there was a robot around every corner!

Fashion: Flyest Winter Coats To Get You Through The Cold Season In Style

The temperature is permanently low for the next couple months so you better get used to it. The way things are looking, we are in-store for a cold ass winter so of corse you need fly gear on deck to stay warm and fashionable. I found a little of everything for the list, bombers, wind breakers, varsity’s and the classic North Face. All the times are listed with price and are available now through their corresponding sites. Hit the jump to check out the whole list… ps. ladies sorry but these are all men’s coat, I’m doing one for us females next!..

Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Supporting Actress At The New York Critics Circle For American Hustle

The New York Film Critics Circle voted the drama Best Picture at their annual awards ceremony on Tuesday. Jennifer Lawrence was named Best Supporting Actress, with screenwriters Eric Singer and David O. Russell getting an award for Best Screenplay. Congrats, J. La!

(Video) NBA: Metta World Peace Says WHO Is The Best Shooting Guard In The NBA?

Is Metta just showing crew love, or does he really think this? In an interview recently, Metta World Peace makes reference to fellow Knicks teammate Iman Shumpert being the best shooting guard in the league. Now, I myself am a diehard Knicks fan and even I know there are better shooting guards in the league, but you have to love the confidence he has in his teammate to say that. I would definitely take Shump over J.R. Smith however. The two of them are expected to get the majority of the playing time at the position for the Knicks. Hit the jump to see what else Metta had to say about it.

(Video) Could BatDad Be The Best Dad Ever?!

BatDad is technically a Vine creation. He might have hit IG a couple of times, but definitely has been in many Vine comps, so that’s where I know him from. When you hit the jump and see a bunch of his adventures together you realize, his kids LOVE it!!

(Video) This Is How The New iPhone 5S Camera Is Working!!

As you are ‘Looking’ at the quality and camera refocusing, ask yourself does the new 5S’ camera meet your needs and wants?

NFL: Larry Fitzgerald Said WHO Is The Best Receiver In The NFL?

You can argue about numbers all day, but in the end, number never lie! The receiver position is usually full of attention seeking, overly emotional players who want the focus on them. Currently however, the top receivers in the league are quiet and do their job and keep it moving. Larry Fitzgerald is one of those elite players, but he thinks he is second best. Hit the jump to see what he said.

(Audio) Mister Cee Reveals The Whole Story On The Hot 97 AM Show

This saga has gone on for sometime now, ups and downs, tweets, IG comments on-air interviews. It’s finally time to hear the whole story, an honest explanation.

LinkedIn Now Set To Become The MOST Important Social Media?!

LinkedIn is making it easier than every to apply for jobs. Through the new update users will now be able to apply for jobs straight from the website. How do you feel about applying for jobs via your phone?! See how it works after the jump ..

Touching: Dying 2-Year-Old Son Is Set To Be Best Man At Couple’s Wedding

Doctors told a Pennsylvania couple that their son has only two to three weeks left to live. Their son is only 2-years-old, and he is set to be the best man at their parents wedding this weekend.

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