(Check The Pic!!!) Beyonce Outfit Malfunction During Performance!!!

Beyonce is AMAZING when it comes to performing and doing what she does on the stage…this particular night Bey had a little problem with her wardrobe. Hit the jump to see what happened to Bey. @Ash_Bankz

(Check The Pic!!!) Beyonce Poses For Dereon Ad!

Check out these sexy pics that Bey took for her Dereon clothing line. These are def HOT!!!! Looking good Bey! @Ash_Bankz

(Photo) Damn…Cosmopolitan Uses a Photo of Beyonce from SIX Years Ago for This Month’s Cover!!

This month’s Cosmo mag (in the UK) used a recycled pic of Bey for the cover…common practice actually but SIX years old though?!  Ummm…kind of outdated, dontcha think? Not only that but it’s not just a regular old photo… it was previously a cover shot for Vanity Fair (Nov. 2005). Two strikes! The funny thing here, though…Bey doesn’t look a day older these days! LOL that girl ages quite well. @MarisaMendez

Nelly Furtado pledges to give the $1m she earned at private gig for Colonel Gaddafi to charity!

Nelly Furtado tweeted today that she will donate the million dollars she received back in 2007 for performing a private concert for Libyan dictator Gaddafi and his family. She hasn’t revealed which charity she will invest in, but in light of the killings going on in Libya, I guess she feels its only right to put that ‘blood money’ to good use! Find out what other celebs have performed for the Gaddafi family and are being urged to give up their earnings after the jump! @iBLONDEgenius

Solange to DJ @ Brooklyn Bowl Again!!!

During the summer Solange hit Brooklyn Bowl and got the crowd jumping…she even got her big sis Bey to come out and join the party (it was pretty dope!). Solange is set to DJ this Friday (Jan.14th) Doors open at 11:30 PM and tickets will be $15. @Ash_Bankz

Tim Westwood Interviews Jay-Z!! [Denies Beyonce pregnancy X Talks new book Decoded X Willow Smith the next Michael Jackson!]

Jay-Z sits down with Tim Westwood to discuss his new book Decoded, believing his new artist Willow Smith can be the next Michael Jackson, denies Beyonces pregnancy rumors & laughs at the thought of being involved with the illuminati. Great interview! [email protected]

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