WTF: Twin Sisters Share The Same Boyfriend

Now we know twins usually do everything together. They usually dress alike, obvisouly look alike, but they don’t usually date the same man. 30-year-old sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque live with their boyfriend. When I say their, I mean they both share the same man. They all live in the twin’s mother house.

FaceBook Gets New Button For Relationship Status ?!!?!?

Is this some type of joke? Nope it’s totally true. “Now Facebook wants to give stalkers the option of being direct, so the company has a new “Ask” button that lets users scope each other out”. Hurry, go on facebook and see whose asking you for your relationship status. Can we say the new ?

Teck Talk Shopping: Apple Considers This The Perfect Valentines Day Gift!!!

Well, It is pretty Dope! I don’t know about you, but I would love one of these on any day, So I’d take one as a Valentines day gift, But Warning, this as a Valentines day gift, means that person is Not messing around, They Love your A**!!! +TatWZA

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