(Video) Superman On a Bike: Bicyclist Pulls Off a Crazy Move And Beats His Opponents

You would think trying a crazy bike move in a race would spot you a L but my son was speeding through everybody.

(Video) LOL: Woman Harasses Bike Rider, Claims He’s Riding ‘Illegally’

A man was minding his business riding his electronic bike, when he was approached by a woman who didn’t believe he had the right to ride it… Interesting right? Hit the jump to see how he went off!

(Video) Cop Arrests A Man For Riding His Bike On The Sidewalk

These cops are really getting out of hand when it comes to abusing their power. In a recent video, we see a small female cop trying to arrest a young man for riding his bike on the side walk. Im just lost because where else was he suppose to ride it?

(Photos) Prince Rides Around On His Bike Days Before His Death

Days before the late, great Prince was pronounced dead, one neighbor described him as “free and happy” riding the streets of his hometown Minneapolis on a bike.

(Video) NYPD Police Officer Murdered With Headshot

Honor to those that lay their lives on the line to serve, especially those officers who also lost their lives in the line of duty this year as well. New York City police officer, Randolph Holder, was shot Tuesday night during a response call to reports of a gunman in East Harlem, passing away a few hours after. While chasing the suspect on accounts of an armed robbery of a, Holder along side his partner were in plainclothes only to unexpectedly get caught in the crossfire of the incident, Read more on his last hours.

(Photos) NBA: Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan Spends $12K Transforming Bike Into TRON LIGHTCYCLE!

According to TMZ, the LA Clippers Center delved into his nerdy side after spending more than $12000 tricking out his Can-Am to look like one of the light cycles from the movie “TRON.” He even decked it out with his jersey number on the front! Hit the jump for more details and photos!

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