(Video) Texas Cop Gets Suspended After Pepper Spraying Bikers

While driving down a highway with his motorcycle crew, Jack Mckinney’s pro helmet camera picked up on a officer randomly pepper spraying the bikers. The cop had just finished pulling over a car when he noticed the bikers coming toward him. The camera clip shows the officer spraying the bikers for no apparent reason. This action surely got him in some deep ish.

(Video 18+) GRAPHIC: Biker Hit By Car Driving On Wrong Side Of The Road

One family traveling on a winding road, captured video of one man riding a bike being hit head on by an impatient driver. In the footage, you can see cars traveling uphill behind a slow moving truck, one car at the end of the line cut over the double yellow line, into the lane for opposing traffic trying to get ahead. The car hit a man coming downhill on a bicycle, throwing him from the bicycle. You can hear the family inside the car begin to panic, wondering if the man is alive as he lays in the middle of the road. Check the footage below.

(Video) Update On New York Road Rage Incident: Biker’s Wife Says SUV Driver “Paralyzed My Husband”

New York City police say they’ve arrested two suspects in the road rage chase that ended violently in upper Manhattan. The people under arrest are both bikers, and the NYPD is looking for more suspects. As of right now CBS News claims, the driver of the SUV is not facing any charges, but on Tuesday, the New York City police commissioner did not rule that out, saying the investigation is ongoing. We will keep you updated as it comes.

(Audio) Biker Who Witnessed Westside Highway Incident Calls Funk Flex On Hot 97

An anonymous Biker who was present at yesterday’s Biker Vs SUV situation on Manhattan’s Westside Highway called up Hot 97 to recap what took place with Funk Flex. Check out audio after the jump & give us your opinion in the comments.

(Video) LMAO! Armed Robber Tossed Out Of A Window!!

I actually chuckled, like out loud, while watching this. This is an EPIC fail, person goes in with a gun with the intent on robbing the place and not thrown but tossed as if it were nothing! Hit the jump, you gotta see!!

(*Graphic Warning Content* Video) Caught On Tape: OH SH*T! Biker Hits Truck & Loses His Leg!

Ouch! Unfortunately, here’s a Brazilian bicyclist who will never get a chance to ride his bike again. See the graphic footage caught on tape after the jump.. Biz Baby

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