(Audio) NFL: Bill Belichick Is Not Interested In Social Media Only Winning Games

Photo Credit The Deflate Gate head coach chatted with a Boston radio show recently and his lack of social media prowess came to a major head.

NFL: Peyton Manning to Bill Belichick: ‘This might be my last rodeo’

When Peyton Manning hugged Bill Belichick at midfield after the Denver Broncos’ 20-18 victory over the New England Patriots, the quarterback acknowledged to the coach that Sunday’s AFC Championship Game might be the last time they match wits.

NFL Report: Patriots Cheated From 2000-2007; DeflateGate Goodell’s “Make-Up Call” For Allowing Spygate

Welp if you thought the DeflateGate controversy would end once Tom Brady won his appeal, you were sadly mistaken.  In fact now a report has come out about the New England Patriots prior controversy, Spygate and how it relates to the prosecution against them for DeflateGate.

(Photos) NFL: Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend Says She Checked Out John Legend’s Wife, Chrissy Teigen Too!

Over the weekend John Legend had some fun pointing out that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was checking out his wife, model Chrissy Teigen during the White House Correspondents Dinner.  So how did Bill Belichick’s girlfriend feel about that?  Well she wasn’t jealous because not only was she there, she admits she was checking out Teigen too!

(Photo) John Legend Calls Out Bill Belichick For Checking Out His Wife’s Booty

Belichick you dog! While attending the white house correspondent dinner, all the stars were out including John Legend, his wife Chrissy Teigen and trailing them was New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Guess Belichick couldn’t help but take a peek at what John Legend goes home to, but Legend wasn’t about to let Belickick’s actions go unnoticed. Hit the jump to check out the pic and Legends reaction!

NFL: League Releases Statement On Patriots Deflated Balls, Sounds Like It’s About To Get Serious

It sounds like the NFL is not taking “Deflate Gate” laying down and is launching a very serious investigation. We had been expecting to hear from the league today but it was starting to get late in the day and a statement seemed unlikely and then suddenly we have this. The Patriots better be prepared because it seems the league is about to do some very serious digging.

(Video) NFL: Mark Brunell Gets Emotional & Almost Cries While Calling Tom Brady A Liar!

Mark Brunell got very emotional yesterday on ESPN after Tom Brady held his press conference addressing the deflated balls issue. Brunell was hoping to feel like he got a truthful answer from Brady, especially being a former quarterback himself, but he clearly did not like what Brady said and did not hold back. I must admit Brady appeared to be lying about everything, but it is so tough to know for sure. Jerome Bettis was also part of the show and called Brady a liar as well.

NFL: Bill Belichick Says Aaron Rodgers is Like Peyton Manning & Andrew Luck Combined

Today is the big showdown between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers as the New England Patriots play the Green Bay Packers in a Sunday afternoon showdown.  The two quarterbacks are considered two of the greatest in the league and the game is expected to be a shootout.  Patriots coach Bill Belichick was unwillingly to compare the two QB’s but he did make an a pretty interesting comparison between Rodgers and two other quarterbacks.

NFL: Cary Williams Apologizes to Bill Belichick For Calling the Patriots “Cheaters”

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams called the Patriots “cheaters” early this month, and stood by that comment after facing some criticism for it. So surely, when the Eagles and Patriots met on the field on Friday night, Williams said it to Bill Belichick’s face, right?  Wrong.

NFL: Rex Ryan on Bill Belichick: ‘I don’t believe the one guy up in New England’s got all the answers’

After picking up two second round picks that didn’t make it with the New England Patriots, New York coach Rex Ryan says they could very well make it with the Jets.  While many consider Patriots coach Bill Belichick a football genius, Ryan couldn’t care less if the players didn’t make it with him, according to him that doesn’t mean they won’t still be great.

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