(Videos) NBA: Aww Man, Bill Simmons Pours 40 For Mario Chalmers & Stephen A Smith Goes Off For Mario MIA

Really Bill Simmons?!  As I was watching highlights from game 3 of the NBA finals this morning I saw Bill Simmons say he’s gotta pour a 40 for Mario Chalmers. Lol, what?!  I don’t even know how to feel about that, but you can tell he shocked the crew around him.  Some fans on Twitter were pissed & others got a good laugh outta it. Simmons wasn’t the only ESPN analyst asking what happened to Chalmers, Stephen A. Smith went OFF about the kid missing in action. Check it all out…

NBA:(Video) Doc Rivers Calls Bill Simmons “Idiot” During Live Interview

All I have to say to this is YES!! Bill Simmons sometimes makes Skip Bayless tolerable with the way he thinks he knows it all and always has an opinion on something. I been waiting for someone to check this dude. Now calling someone an “idiot” isn’t exactly that harsh, but it is a start. Simmons, who works for ESPN is a known Boston sports diehard fan and when he made a comment that Doc “quit” on the Celtics, that was the fan inside of him speaking, not his analyst position. Any NBA fan with a brain knows Doc didn’t quit on that team, it is just the end of an era. Plus he probably can’t stand the site of Rondo and watching Chris Paul run his new team is like a breath of fresh air. Doc’s reply was right on point, check it after the jump.

NBA: Say What?! Bill Simmons Thinks Memphis Grizzlies Fans Get Tense … Because of MLK Assassination

What?!  How in  the world did Bill Simmons come to this conclusion?! I just can’t see any connection.  The MLK assassination is why a basketball crowd gets tensed up?  Maybe this guy needs some time off.  I don’t even know what to say. SMH. Report after the jump…

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