(Photos) Boxing: 3 Billionaires Offer to Buy Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari But They Want Special Favors Too!

Floyd Mayweather is selling his ultra-rare $3.8 million Ferrari Enzo.  There are some interested buyers but they also some interesting requests to go along with their million dollar bids.

(Photos) Nas Has A Business Meeting With Some Familiar Billionaires!!

I smell money!! Nas had a dinner meeting with two very well-known billionaires! I wonder what they’re working on. Click below and check out the gallery for the photos!

Did Gayle Reveal That She And Oprah Are No Longer Friends???

For months there have been rumors that Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey weren’t as tight as they once were. Did Gayle slip up last week and confirm the rumors are true…? Read more after the jump Quay

Billionaires Vs. Millionaires

Even with the economy the way it is, billionaires are on the rise. There are exactly 2,160 more billionaires than last year. Meanwhile, millionaires are seeing their fortunes take fall. Click below to read more. Jason J.

World’s Richest Man Loses $6.5 Billion In One Week

A crash at major stock markets of the world has re-occurred, which resulted in loosing billions by the investors within weeks including the Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim who lost approximately $6.7 billion in a single week. Hit the jump to read the rest of the of the story. Funk Flex

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