NFL: Report, NFL Has Tape Of LeSean McCoy Threatening Chip Kelly


When the Eagles traded star running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills last month, everyone has the same question. Why? Why would you trade one of the best backs in the entire league, especially when he fits the offense Philly likes to run so well. Everyone has their own theories, including McCoy, but now there is a report of a tape existing where McCoy is actually threatening to hit Chip, which would easily explain why the trade occurred.

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Indie Music Spotlight: Bills – Young And Thuggin


Bills links up with Rico Beats for this one called “Young And Thuggin” – listen below.

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(Video) NFL: One Hitter Quitter – Jets’ Fan KOs Bills’ Fan With SINGLE Punch!


Yet another NFL fan brawl, as mayhem broke out in MetLife! A NY Jets’ fan has been arrested and charged with assault for knocking out a Bills’ fan in a nearby seat. The Bills’ fan was left slumped over after the two-second tussle, belly out and everything, after the one smooth punch put him out COLD…Hit the jump to see the MEANN KO!

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Meek Mills Pay For Cancer Patient Medical Bills


Following in the recent good actions of Cheif Keef, Meek Mill is paying for a cancer patients medical bills. Meek has always been an active member in his community and this one is no different. Hit the jump to read more.

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(PHOTO) Sports: Fair Deal?! Fan Trades NFL Jersey For Blowjob at Game!!


Ummmm, yea — apparently I am just not about that life, but I know a lot of fellas that will love this kind of trade.  Before the Chiefs/Bills game on Sunday, a woman wanted a Kiko Alonso jersey – so instead of paying for it, she offered her services.  I know jerseys can get expensive, but really? LOL. Yep.  Deal done.  Not only is there a photo of the transaction being made, but she took a photo in the jersey AND the Bills made a great joke about it on Twitter.  Stay classy ladies.  Check it out…

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(Video) NFL: It Even Happened To Superman?! Dean Cain Talks Getting Hazed

IFWT_Dean Cain  3

I can’t even front like I knew this — but did you know that Superman played for the Bills?! Yep, Dean Cain played in the NFL before becoming better known as Superman. Check out what he had to say about hazing when he played…

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(Schedule) NFL Reminder: Week 5 Kicks Off Tonight With Bills vs. Browns!


Yes sir!  Week 5 of the 2013 NFL season is upon us!  Gotta love Thursday night games!  Tonight the Bills take on the Browns at 8:25p.
Giants fans, we take on the Eagles on Sunday at 1p.  Check out the full week 5 schedule after the jump…

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NFL: Bills WR Brad Smith Interns With Men’s Health Magazine & Reviews Some of his Favorite New Gear

Brad Smith

Buffalo Bill’s Brad Smith, has transcended his football role with an off-season internship with Men’s Health Magazine during New York Fashion Week. Smith learned the ins and out of the fashion world and recently took the mic at this year’s 2013 ESPY’s as their red carpet correspondent. Brad interviewed some of sports’ most noteworthy members on their personal style and taste.
Check out some of his reviews …

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NFL: QB Kevin Kolb Has ‘Serious’ Concussion; Bills Sign Matt Leinart

IFWT_Kevin Kolb  4

Bills QB Kevin Kolb suffered a serious concussion over the weekend and it could be career ending.  The Bills did step into action almost immediately and signed veteran quarterback Matt Leinart.  I thought Leinart was finished?!?!  Soooo Bills fans, what do you think of this?!
Details after the jump….

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Check It Out: $100 Bills Are Being Destroyed Because…


I could still use those bills though, but because of a BIG mistake made by a money printing company in Texas $30 Million in $100 bills will be destroyed. Apparently too much ink was used in the printing and is messing up the visibility of the note. The new generation of $100 bills was suppose to be released earlier this year but because of this mistake it has been pushed back till October. More after the jump.

Check out what A spokes person from the money printing company had to say about the mistake…

Darlene Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), told The New Yorker that mashing involves applying too much ink to the paper and happens “infrequently.” Still, the error has forced the Federal Reserve to return tens of millions of notes back to the Washington, D.C., facility and demand its money back, according to the report. The returned notes will be destroyed.


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