NFL: QB Kevin Kolb Has ‘Serious’ Concussion; Bills Sign Matt Leinart

Bills QB Kevin Kolb suffered a serious concussion over the weekend and it could be career ending.  The Bills did step into action almost immediately and signed veteran quarterback Matt Leinart.  I thought Leinart was finished?!?!  Soooo Bills fans, what do you think of this?! Details after the jump….

Check It Out: $100 Bills Are Being Destroyed Because…

I could still use those bills though, but because of a BIG mistake made by a money printing company in Texas $30 Million in $100 bills will be destroyed. Apparently too much ink was used in the printing and is messing up the visibility of the note. The new generation of $100 bills was suppose to be released earlier this year but because of this mistake it has been pushed back till October. More after the jump.

NFL Legend Announces He Has Cancer

You never want to hear about someone getting cancer, we are sending our thoughts & prayers his way.  Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly says he has been diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw bone and will have surgery on Friday.  Report after the jump…

This “Blast From The Past” Actor Is Stressed Out Over Major DEBT! More Than $85,000 A Month!

Brendan Fraser is really losing his hair dealing with the ex-wife. Fraser’s expenses exceed his income by a LARGE amount! This “Encino Man” makes about $206,000 a month and he’s in debt about $85,000. I know what you’re thinking. I would stretch his income for the whole year, let alone once a month. Most of his funds are going to professional reps and his ex-wife in alimony. YES, all the monies – alimony. Poor dude, check out his itemized break down of all the bills after the jump.

(Video) Troy Ave Vlog – Can’t Pay Bills With Sleep

He’s up after 3am making things happen. WHY ??? Because nothing is happening in his sleep. His process is hard work and constant work. When he’s recording, Troy Ave is looking at a copy of XXL Mag as motivation. “My music different from N****S. I don’t sound like NOBODY, and that’s a fact,” Troy says while recording his video blog at home. He wants everyone to support him, NOT just because he’s from Brooklyn, but because he makes GREAT music. He also offers up a few tips on what happens when you get into this music game. Stay humble and drop down bottom for more on the kid. JaaiR (JR)

NFL: Breaking News- Bears Fire Lovie Smith, Bills Fire Chan Gailey

Now this firing I do NOT agree with. Lovie Smith, coach of the Chicago Bears has just been fired. This is the biggest surprise of all the coaches who are being let go today. The Bears are routinely competing for the playoffs, and the players love him. Sometimes in sports things just do not make sense. The Buffalo Bills also just announced they are letting coach Chan Gailey go. That move does not come as a surprise as the Bills once again were a non factor in the AFC. Today has been dubbed “Black Monday” around the NFL , as this is the day each year after a season ends where some coaches are let go and teams go in different directions. I think the Bears are making a bad move . Check the gallery above for Chan Gailey. IamJOE357

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