(Photos) Bitcoin CEO Found Dead After 1st Bitcoin Bank Is Robbed

I might be a ‘bit’ on a conspiracy theorist, but this is one odd ass ‘coin’cidence. 28 year old(American) Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke was found dead in Singapore, with what is being called(for now) an apparent suicide by local authorities, which is like a day after the 1st Bitcoin bank, Flexcoin, was hacked and robbed, come on man, this is crazy, some real ‘Jason Bourne conspiracy’ stuff man.

(Video) Bitcoin Growth Is Real With A Physical ATM?!

Although they’ve had some serious road bumps, with hacking, justice dept hammer, the Bitcoin craze doesn’t seem to be going away, people love using the eCurrency!

(Photo) Move Over Bitcoin, Coinye West Is HERE?!?

So apparently last week in a some chatrooms, people joked around about Kanye having his own money, but some of them weren’t joking because using a Bitcoin model, they started circulating a virtual currency called Coinye West. Yeezy was NOT happy, and immediately put his lawyers on the case!

(Video) Could Bitcoin Save The World Economy?!

They are talking about how this will make you money, and bypass the government with taxes and all that!

Oh! No! There’s A Skype Trojan Going Around

The Skype trojan that’s going around, turns PCs into Bitcoin mining which is another way for Bitcoin users to gain Bitcoin currency. Most of the victims have been outside the US. This trojan is hitting the Skype Instant message with a message that says “This is my favorite picture of you” once you click it the trojan will spread.

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