Rob Kardashian’s Family Scared For His Life Due To Massive Weight Gaining

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Rob Kardashian is falling apart yet again. His family is now concerned for him as he is gaining all of the weight he has lost back. Rob and Chyna have been broken up for about 2 months now. Rob is back to confining himself to his home almost never coming out.

(Photo) Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Have Split Up


So remember the whole story about The Kardashian’s planning A Chyna-free baby shower? Well apparently Chyna was cool with the whole thing due to the fact that she and Rob Kardashian have been split up for a while now actually.

Oops! Looks Like It Was A Misunderstanding That Led To Rob Blasting Kylie’s Number


Earlier today, we reported that Rovb Kardashian had leajed Kylie Jenner’s number on Twitter, outgraged after he’d found out that she’d planned a baby shower for him and Blac Chyna wasn’t invited. That certainly would be grounds for concern…if that were the whole story. Unfortunately for Rob, it’s not. Turns out, he and Chy have reportedly been on the rocks for a while, so Rob’s sisters planned separate his and hers showers to keep the tension away. Chyna even agreed to this, thinking it was a good idea, but clearly Rob didn’t get the memo.

(Photos) Rob Kardashian Drops Kylie Jenner’s Phone Number On Twitter

IFWT_Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian must realllly have been upset with Kylie to do this one…

(Video) Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Are Having A…


Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s show, Rob & Chyna, premiered on E! last night. Starting off with a bang, the couple revealed the gender of their baby. The next Kardashian is going to be a girl! However, Rob was a little disappointed. “It’s an emotional moment. Me wanting to have a boy, it definitely stems from my dad but I’m sure I’ll have the same relationship that I had with my father with my daughter,” Rob says in a confessional. “I’m just happy that the baby’s healthy and I’m gonna be super happy with a girl.” The baby is due in October.

(Video) LOL: Blac Chyna & Her Friends Clown Rob For Being A Momma’s Boy


As much as Blac Chyna loves Rob, she knows that he is a Momma’s Boy to the core. Hit the jump to see Chy and her friends mock Rob.

(Photo) ChyRo Clear Up Rumors Of Breakup


Earlier today there were rumors that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian had broken up because he deleted all of his pics on Instagram once again.

(Photo) Rob Kardashian Says Blac Chyna Was There For Him During A Dark Period In His Life


With their show soon to premier, Blac Chyna and Rob both got a chance to show face in a few magazines. Chyna was recently the face of ‘Paper’ magazine and Rob got a chance to sit and talk with ‘People.’ Rob spoke on Chyna saving him through his dark time.

(Photo) The Gender Of The New Kardashian Will Be Revealed Soon


Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian will be expecting there new bundle of joy very soon.

Blac Chyna Sued For Car Accident In Which Her Friend Crashed Her Car


Back in November, Chyna’s friend Paige Addison was riding around in her car when she ran a stop sign and crashed into a SUV. The people injured in the crash are now suing Chyna for the incident.

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