Malika Haqq Dishes Out Her Thoughts About Rob Kardashian And His New Romance


One person who is totally unbothered by Rob Kardashian’s romance with Blac Chyna is long time BFF of the Kardashian clan Malika Haqq. In a recent interview at the NAACP Awards she was asked how she felt about Rob Kardashian and she dished out her true thoughts and feelings about him and his family. Check out what she said after the jump.

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Adrienne Bailon Says She’s Happy For Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna

IFWT_A.Bailon 5

So if you haven’t heard about how much time Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been spending together these past few days than you must be under a rock because these two have been the talk of the internet all week! And we all know with the way the internet works even Rob and Chyna’s Ex’s had to see these guys together! Now, Rob’s ex boo, also known as Adrienne Bailon, from ‘The Real’ talk show has opened up about her feeling towards her ex and whats seems to be his new lady.

Read more after the jump to get the full story.

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(Video + Photos) Blac Chyna Catches A Snippet Of Rob Kardashian On Her Snapchat

Rob Kardashian x Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are not shy about flaunting their relationship all over social media . Their entire love affair has been played out on Instagram and Snapchat. As most of us know Rob has not been to fond of being in the media but his new boo went to her Snapchat last night posting her new bae asking him if he has ever had collard greens. Lol! Rob replied that he has never had them with a smile. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

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(Video) Amber Rose Talks Chyna & Rob, Kris Jenner + More At LAX

ifwt_Amber at LAX

Amber Rose arrived back in LAX last night from NYC with Wiz Khalifa, and of course the paparazzi were there to talk to her every step of the way to her car.

During the chat, Amber spoke on her feelings about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner and whether the Kardashian girls really hate Chy and Rob being together.

“How do you know? Did you talk to them?” Amber questioned the photog about the sisters being mad. “You read the ‘media.’ The crazy media that’s fake as sh*t.”

Check out the full clip below.

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Tyga Says Blac Chyna’s Arrest Proves She’s A Bad Parent

Blac Chyna x Tyga

Tyga is not feeling Blac Chyna’s recent arrest – especially with the drug charge along with it – and now he might be using it against her in court. T-Raww has already filed documents to change their custody arrangement, asking for King during the week and Chy on the weekends – a reversal of what they have now.

Tyga’s worried Chyna’s problems with drugs and alcohol might be putting the baby at risk, and he doesn’t want to risk it. As for the video Rob Kardashian posted with King yesterday, Tyga’s cool with it. It’s just Chyna that’s the issue for him for now!

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Best Friends Yet Again: Kim Kardashian & Blac Chyna Follow Each Other On Instagram

kim k and blac chyna take sexy selfies

We’re not exactly sure what kind of BFF reunion meeting Blac Chyna, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose had a few days ago, but it seems like it has definitely worked!

After all of the online drama that ensued this past week between Kanye and Wiz, everyone associated with all sides decided to hash it out and put their differences to the side.

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(Video) Adrienne Bailon Speaks Out On Exes… Is She Throwing Secret Shade At Rob Kardashian?

bts of adrienne bailon on latina

Adrienne Bailon was unfortunately dragged through the dirt by her ex, Rob Kardashian, back when the two were dating. From the lies to the cheating, it is safe to say Rob was not getting nominated for the “Boyfriend Of The Year” award.

During a recent episode of The Real, Adrienne and her co-hosts spoke out on Nick Cannon paying homage to his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, and her fiancee, James Packer. They then somehow got on the topic of exes.

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Blac Chyna On E Pill Bust: “I Was Framed”


Blac Chyna managed to find herself a new boo AND get arrested all within the same time span.

She was busted with both public intoxication AND for two Ecstasy pills that the cops found hidden in her sunglass case. According to Chyna, she did not pack her own bags for her London trip (layover in Austin) and she has absolutely no idea how they got there.

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(Photos+ Video) Blac Chyna Goes In On Instagram After People Come For Rob Kardashian


A picture of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna was posted on to a blog site today. Rob has gained a lot of weight and has been diagnosed with diabetes. Chyna has been seen trying to help Rob get back on track. The photo posted caused a lot of Instagram users to straight go in on Rob.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Blac Chyna Bends Down & Shows That Pound Cake!


Blac Chyna flashes all that a*s on Instagram. See for yourself in the gallery!

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