(Video) President Trump Holds Meeting Honoring Black History Month At The White House

It’s officially Black History Month and President Trump honors the heritage of those who helped shape our country at the White House.

(Video) Watch This 106 Year Old Woman Dance While Meeting President Obama And The First Lady

106 year-old Vigina McLaurin’s dreams came true Sunday (February 21) when she got to meet President Obama and the First Lady during a special visit to the White House. Back in 2014, McLaurin was honored by her hometown, Washington, D.C. for her volunteer work and revealed that she only had one wish and that was to meet the President of The United States. Though the power of social media that wish came true. In a video, that has already gone viral the upbeat 106 year-old, could hardly contain herself and started dancing when she got to meet the Obamas. It’s really so touching to watch. Check it out below.

(Photo) LOL: Gary Owen Thanks Fans For Being Traded For Stacey Dash In Honor Of Black History Month

Following Stacey Dash’s declaration that Black History Month should be cancelled right along with the BET network, the internet came to the conclusion that she would be traded for someone who’s not only white but “woke” to the importance of having these celebrations of black culture. In a hilarious meme, Dash was traded for none other than comedian Gary Owen who took great pride in the news. Upon seeing the meme, he wrote on IG “Is everyone ok with this trade? Let me know so I can call my publicist & get a statement prepared.” Clearly, everyone seemed to be okay with the trade because Owen posted a hilarious statement to celebrate his first Black History Month, poking fun at Stacey Dash yesterday. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) A Group Of Kids School Stacey Dash Over Black History Month Comments

Stacey Dash is constantly getting ragged on for her controversial political views, and things got real lately after she made an insensitive comment about canceling Black History Month and getting rid of the BET network. A group of young students made a video after they were told that Stacey Dash wanted to cancel Black History Month. Their reactions= absolutely priceless! Get into the video below.

(Photos + Video) People Are Celebrating Black History Month All Over Stacy Dash’s Instagram

Stacy Dash has been getting ridiculed for her comments about the Oscars. People will not let her live. Even BET threw a bunch of shade at Dash for her comments. Well now a new type of shade has arrived and its all over Dash’s Instagram. People are not letting her forget that this month starts Black History Month.

Stacey Dash Wants An Apology From All Those Who Criticized Her Black History Month Comments

Fox News contributor, Stacey Dash has been receiving a ton of backlash after she suggested that there no longer be a BET network and Black History Month during a live broadcast of Fox & Friends, while addressing the Oscars boycott. The Clueless actress was dragged for filth on Twitter and even called “crazy” by her former co-star Gabrielle Union. In her latest blog post, Stacey Dash is now demanding an apology from her critics and has even dragged Morgan Freeman into her argument claiming he was never criticized for making similar comments in 2006. She said, “Well, if you’re going to call me ignorant, stupid, and an Uncle Tom, you need to be intellectually honest and also call out Morgan Freeman.” Read more below.

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