(Video) NFL: Raiders Fan Flips Off Referee After Being Told To Stop Blocking Play Clock With His Sign

The Oakland Raiders may have played their final game ever in Oakland last night and if that’s true, we are going to miss their passionate, crazed fans. Raiders fans catch alot of heat for how they act sometimes but in reality they are just a bunch of hardcore fans who love their team no matter how much they lose. It’s sad to know we will lose hometown fans like this guy who loves his Raiders so much that he would block the play clock for the Chargers with his sign and then give the ref the middle finger when told to move it.

Tech Talk News: Enormous Water Reservoir Found in Space

Astronomers have reported the discovery of a huge water vapor cloud floating around a black hole in space. The cloud is so big that scientists estimate it holds 140 trillion times the mass of water in the Earth’s oceans, and is approximately 10 billion light years away. @TatWZA @YungJohnnybravo

Tech Talk Space: A Deathly Black Hole!!!!

This video, after the Jump, is the death of a Black hole, all I can say is thank god it’s 12 Million light years away!!! this black hole is in the middle of the Centaurus A Galaxy, which is our Neighbor, So this shows us if our Sun ever collapses what our galaxy would look like! @TatWZA

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