NFL: Here’s What Ray Rice is Reportedly Blaming For Elevator Incident With Wife

It doesn’t matter what caused the violent altercation between Ray Rice & his wife (it just shouldn’t have happened), but fans still want all the details.  Apparently Ray knows what triggered it & has taken steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Check it out…

NBA: Lamar & Khloe Burglar Still Not Caught! Here’s Who Lamar Odom Is Blaming – Yikes!

It’s been four months since Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian were victims of a quarter-of-a-million dollar jewelry heist … and still no arrests have been made. Lamar Odom’s drug dealers were the first to be blamed, but now Lamar is reportedly blaming someone else — and the Kardashians won’t want to hear this. Check it out…

So…PHILADELPHIA Is To Blame For Miley Cyrus’ “Transformation?”

O-M-G! When a Disney star goes wrong, they go ALL THE WAY! Miley Cyrus is among the many child-star, kid-next-door stars that has strayed from the ‘norm’ image! Most of them, we still can’t tell you what went left, but apparently, the city of Philly is to blame for the craziness that is now…MILEY! Hit the jump and check out why the city of brotherly love is being used as an excuse for the change.

NBA: Yikes, Lamar Odom’s Dad Speaks Out & Goes IN! Guess Who He’s Blaming For Problems?!

Papa Joe ain’t playin!  We are finally hearing from someone on Lamar’s side of the family and boy does he have a lot to say … with fingers pointed!  Lamar Odom’s dad recently did an interview making all kinds of claims about the Kardashian family. Check it out & let us know what you think…

NFL: Are You Serious?? Brian Urlacher Blames Russell Wilson For His Career Ending Injury?

Brian Urlacher has to be one of the most bitter former athletes I have seen. For a player who prided himself on it being “all about the team”, he sure threw that out the window when he said he would be mad if the Bears win a Super Bowl without him now that he retired. That comment was serious by the way, it was not a joke. Now in an interview he mentions Russell Wilson being part of the reason his career ended. Smh. Suck it up dude! Hit the jump to see what he said.

MLB: Whaaat?! Lol, Ozzie Guillen Blames Madonna for Alex Rodriguez’s Suspension

Well this different.  Sports fans know that Ozzie Guillen is an outspoken crazy kind of guy…and he’s blaming Alex Rodriguez’s ex for his suspension.  Yes, apparently Madonna is to blame for this whole A-Rod/PED mess. Lol. He also had another tweet about A-Rod not taking the bus to stadiums, can anyone explain that one?! Check out Ozzie’s tweets….

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