(Graphic Video) Houston Strippers Get Right Over A Taco?

Although it has been reported that these two Houston strippers fought over a Taco, I believe there was more to the story. In a video, we see two woman fighting. The woman who seems to be doing most of the hand throwing tells the other woman not to bring her kids in the middle of what they have going on. Mind you, these woman are outside. The woman on top slams the other woman’s head against concrete and continues to hit her in the face. The other woman is seen bleeding all over from being dragged and smacked around. This is crazy.

(Photo + Video) Protestors Spray Contestant Of The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest With ‘Blood’

Apparently people were not here for the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. Protestors ran through the contest spraying fake blood on the contestants.

Could This Be The Key To ‘Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery Getting A New Trial?

If you’ve been keeping up with the popular Netflix series ‘Making A Murderer’ you know that a single vial of blood was a key piece of evidence Steven Avery’s trial. Just four years prior to being arrested and charged with the murder of of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach, Avery was wrongfully locked away for 18 years, however was exonerated with the help of DNA testing. Now, Jerome Buting, Avery’s former attorney is speaking saying that science could be the key to releasing Steven once again. Read more below.

(Video) SMH: Mike Epps’ Comedy Show Ends In A Blood Bath

Mike Epps’ comedy show in Phoenix, Arizona went from 0-100 real quick after sh*t got real at StandUpLive. While Epps was delivering his jokes to the crowd, he started to crack on a dude in a flannel shirt who was sitting in the front – making jokes that he looks like the lead singer from Hootie & The Blowfish. The guy got so mad that he was being hiked on that he stood up and started yelling back at Epps while he was on stage. Security closed in on him as he began to make his exit when he allegedly sucker punched someone in the crowd, according to a witness. Shortly after, a group of men went into attack mode and beat up the man who was getting in his feelings over Epps’ jokes.

Alleged East Coast Blood Leader Dead After Shootout With U.S. Marshals

Around 6AM this morning in Staten Island, U.S. Marshals were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on alleged East Coast Blood leader, Tyree ‘Murder’ Garland for violating terms of parole but a shootout took place instead. Marshals were not able to complete the arrest after Garland opened fire on them with an assault rifle and set his house on fire!

(Video) Blood Gang Member Forces Innocent Man To Take Blue Slippers Of In Street!

Looks like a lot of people can’t even be safe in their own street wear. Blood Gang members forced an innocent man to remove his blue slippers.

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