NBA: Stephen A. Smith Calls Andrew Bogut “Andrew Bogus” & Bogut Responds

Lol, how old are we?!  Stephen A. Smith loves to ruffles some feathers. Check out what Andrew Bogut called the outspoken ESPN personality (which fans seem to agree) after he called Andrew, “Andrew Bogus” …

Britney Spears Calls BULLSH*T To Concert Ticket Scam

Britney Spears is pissed! There’s a website that’s charging $4K for a ticket to hear her perform at her listening part. Her reps say the website thing is a scam. Brit and WILL appear at an exclusive listening party tonight, but she won’t be performing and NO tickets are being sold — it’s a private event. The scam website claims it has tickets — selling for $3,898.50 a pop. TMZ called the reps at the website and they were told there were still a few more tickets left. SMH!

(Photos) Hold Up! Stop Sharing These FAKE Hurricane Sandy Photos! (Yea, That Statue of Liberty One…)

Hurricane Sandy has been creating Instagram heroes out of everyone, each trying to outdo the other with a more “outrageous” photo of the damage being done. The problem is…half of the craziest ones aren’t even real! That shark you saw swimming in the flood waters of a town? Yea, it pops up every single time there’s some sort of natural disaster, they just change the scenery. Those big waves coming up against the Statue of Liberty? A scene from The Day After Tomorrow! Mashable has gathered 7 of the most viral ones, and you can check out a few of them in the gallery. Marisa Mendez x Wza

Atlanta Man Shot by Bogus FBI Agents

Police in Atlanta are hunting several suspects who posed as FBI agents Saturday to rob and shoot a man, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. @capriSUNshine

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