(Caught On Tape) Footage Of Man Setting Off Bomb In Airport!!!

Angry at Chinese police for allegedly paralyzing him, Ji Zhongxing decided to go to Beijing International Airport and hand out flyers. The flyers were to notify the public of his paralysis that is dated back to 2005. Ji claimed that a violent attack from Chinese police is the cause, however, while making his claim in public, airport security tried to calm him down. It didn’t work. Hit the jump to see what Ji does next.

Homemade Bomb Explodes In Beijing Airport!!

A man in a wheelchair set off a homemade bomb in Beijing Airport on Saturday, July, 20th. The explosion rocked a terminal, but the bomb only injured the man who set it off.

(Video) Oregon Student Found With Bombs, Planning To Blow Up School?!?

A student from Oregon was found with six bombs at his house, with intentions to blow up his school. He was looking to imitate Columbine, and made all bombs himself. The Oregon police were tipped off that Grant Accord had made a bomb that day, and luckily he was caught in time. Grant is now facing several felonies for his intentions. Check out a video after the jump.

Does Website Have Proof FBI Needs About Boston Bombers?!

Several photos were collected on a website that shows suspicious men wearing large backpacks during the Boston Marathon. In the photos you can make out 3 different men with backpacks. While people were paying attention to the runners, these individuals focused were somewhere else.

Sports Update: (Report) Boston Suspect in Custody; Being Guarded in Hospital After Blasts

According to the NY Post, Authorities have a identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds (others are reporting that this is not true – UPDATE after the jump). They also have an update on this story.  Details after the jump…

WTF! Man Tries To Win Ex Back By Using A Bomb?!?

Love can make you do some really crazy things–just ask this man in Russia. Since 2010, a Russian woman divorced her husband and he has been intent on getting her back ever since. The woman received an anonymous note asking her to pick up a package that had “the documents needed to settle her father’s financial problems.”

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