Horrible: 12 Year Old Suicide Bomber Kills 50 At Wedding In South Turkey

Turkey as many other countries in that region have been having one disaster after the other. The latest being a suicide bombing which occurred at a wedding over the weekend. The suicide bombing claimed the lives of more than 50! The most chilling detail about the event is that the bomber is believed to be between the ages of 12-14. Hit after the jump for more on the story.

ISIS Kills 61 Portestors In Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul

ISIS claims responsibility for yet another brutal attack in the Middle East. This time Hazara protestors demading rights was their target.

Another ISIS Suspicion: 10 Injured In Bangladesh Temple Bombing

It’s unclear yet as to whether or not this attack was led by the infamous Islamic State, but fingers are starting to point that way as another without reason bombing occured – this time in Bangladesh. Friday it was Egypt and we all know about the unfortunate Paris incident, the havoc just seems to keep piling on and on. Read the full story after the jump.

Sports: Report, Paris Suicide Bomber Tried To Enter France/Germany Soccer Game But Was Denied Entry

As bad as the terrorist acts in Paris were yesterday, it actually could have even been worse. A suicide bomber attempted to enter Stade de France, where inside, France was taking on Germany in a matchup of the two national teams. The bomber actually had a ticket to the game but when security frisked him they felt he had on a vest full of explosives and he tried to back away. At that point he detonated the bomb.

FBI Brought In On NAACP Bombing In Colorado Springs

Early Tuesday morning, a makeshift bomb was found outside a Colorado Springs NAACP office. There was an explosion, however a gasoline can sitting next to the device didn’t ignite. In connection to the explosion, the FBI’s Denver office is now looking for a balding man, around the age of 40, who was seen leaving the scene in a white pickup with a missing or covered license plate. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) US Allies Begins Bombing Attacks On ISIS In Syria – President Obama Speaks On Actions!

Arab allies of the US, including Saudi Arabia have launched airstrike missiles in Syria. News announced this morning that 14 Islamic State targets were hit, including the group’s fighters, training camps, headquarters and command-and-control facilities, and armed vehicles. President Obama is scheduled to speak on the airstrike this morning. Hit the jump to check out the live stream.

(Photo) Sports: Woman Who Lost Her Leg In Boston Marathon Bombing Is Dancing Again

This is so great to see!  I love positive, uplifting stories!  Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, is dancing again thanks to something special. Check it out…

(Video) Multiple Bomb Attacks Leave At Least 11 Dead In Cairo, Egypt!

Four explosions have left at least 11 dead in Cairo, Egypt. These attacks come on the third anniversary of a revolt that lead to the resignation of the country’s president. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

Friends Of Boston Bombing Suspect Could Face Up To 25 Years In Prison For THIS!!!

Despite pleading “Not Guilty,” two college friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could possibly face 25 years in prison for obstructing justice. On April 15th, Tsarnaev and his brother pulled off the infamous bombing and then went into hiding, before being discovered. On April 18th, Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov allegedly took his laptop from his dorm room, along with a backpack that had fireworks with explosive powder and a jar of petroleum jelly. In an indictment, federal authorities stated that Kadyrbayev had gotten a text from Tsarnaev suggesting that he could go to his dorm room and “take what’s there.”

SMH: Woman Posed As Boston Marathon Victim To Collect Funds

A woman from New York is accused of posing as a victim from the Boston Marathon bombing to collect funds that were intended for the victims. Hit the jump for more details.

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