Series Of Bombs Hit Tourist Area In Thailand

A series of bombs went off in Thailand and struck at least five tourist area killing at least four people and injuring more.

Another ISIS Suspicion: 10 Injured In Bangladesh Temple Bombing

It’s unclear yet as to whether or not this attack was led by the infamous Islamic State, but fingers are starting to point that way as another without reason bombing occured – this time in Bangladesh. Friday it was Egypt and we all know about the unfortunate Paris incident, the havoc just seems to keep piling on and on. Read the full story after the jump.

Sports: Feds Seeking Death Penalty For Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect

Federal prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombing. Hit the jump for more details…

Two Friends of Boston Marathon Bomber Indicted

Here’s a lesson for you kids.  Be careful who you help, because it could land you in some serious trouble. Two friends of Boston bomber suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been indicted by federal grand jury for obstruction of justice. Details after the jump…

(Video) Israel Bombs Syria–Two Days In A Row!!!

In the midst of Syria’s civil war, it’s becoming more complicated as Israel has taken responsibility for two separate bombings. They say they targeted Iranian weapons traveling from Syria to Hezbollah, a Lebanese group. Syria is saying they won’t stand for Israeli bombing and will exert force if they have to. But will the US get involved?

Photo of Dzhokhar ‘Jahar’ Tsarnaev Being Apprehended

Thank goodness the hunt for the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing is finally over!!!  We shared the graphic photo of his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, (who died) and now photos have surfaced of when authorities apprehended Jahar Tsarnaev and in the ambulance.

Sports: Ray Allen Hit Hard by Boston Marathon Tragedy; One Friend Died & Another Loses Leg

We have been hearing about so many different stories about what happened to people that were at the Boston Marathon when the bombs went off. Now we have one from NBA star Ray Allen. He wasn’t there at the time, but he still has a lot of friends in the Boston area. One of them died and another lost their leg due to the bombs. SMH. So senseless. Check out what Ray had to say about what happened…

*UPDATED* Sports (Report): Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Identified & Arrested

CNN is reporting: An arrest has been made in the Boston bombings investigation based on two videos showing images of the suspect, a federal law enforcement source told CNN’s Fran Townsend. We will keep you updated on this development – Details after the jump…

(PHOTOS) Sports: First Images of Boston Bomb Fragment

The FBI has released a picture of a mangled pressure cooker that it says was part of one of the bombs from the Boston Marathon. Picture & details after the jump…

Sports (Report): Bombs Were Placed in Pressure Cookers at Boston Marathon

More and more details are slowly being released about what happened yesterday when two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon killing 3 and injuring more than 170.  The two bombs were fashioned out of pressure cookers and packed with shards of metal, nails and ball bearings, a person briefed on the investigation told The Associated Press on Tuesday. More details after the jump…

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