(Video) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Address The Theory That Suge Knight Injected Eazy E With AIDs

For many people who were around during NWA’s run in hip-hop, the passing of the groups founder Eazy-E came as a complete and unexpected shock. It wasn’t so much his death that was shocking as was the cause of his death; he passed away within a 3-month span of learning he was HIV positive. Family and friends say there were absolutely no signs up until he was diagnosed. His wife, nor his daughter who his wife was carrying at the time, or any of the other alleged women in his life ever caught the disease. Many have speculated that Suge Knight caused his disease by way of injection and that belief was heightened after Knight’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel where he spoke about injecting someone with AIDs calling it “the Eazy-E way”. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony shared their thoughts about the topic in the past and that hasn’t changed much today. Clearly there’s more to the story and Lazie Bone thinks that Karma is finally working her magic on Suge Knight. Learn more after the jump!

(Video) Layzie Bone Saves Mans Life From Diabetic Shock

While heading to a concert in Wyoming, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony‘s Steven Howse, 40, (aka Layzie Bone) spotted a vehicle erratically driving ahead of the tour bus. The driver crossed the entire highway and spiraled to a stop. That’s when Layzie and his crew got out and rushed to the man’s side to make sure he received the medical attention he needed for his diabetic shock. Full story after the jump!

IFWT Wishes Krayzie Bone A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Krayzie! We wish you many more!

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