Say WHAT?! ‘Bound 2’ Is Going To Become A Children’s Book!

Just when we thought that there was absolutely NO possible way to clean up Kanye West’s “Bound 2” video to make it child-appropriate, illustrator Zak Tebbal goes and turns it into a children’s book! Treble turned Kanye and Kim’s inappropriate video where they practically had sex on a motorcycle into a child-friendy book called Bound 2Gether to help him launch his Kanye-for-kids campaign. “I made Bound 2Gether as part of my senior design thesis at SVA [School of Visual Arts] this year. The prompt was to take an important piece of art and translate it into another medium,” Tebal says. “The translation of ‘Bound 2′ into a children’s book felt appropriate because the only audience that Kanye isn’t reaching right now is toddlers, and they are missing out on some of the important life lessons that Kanye has to offer. As a big Kanye fan, I felt the need to fill this void,” he went on to further explain. He also started a new project called “Baby Yeezus,” which is the child-friendly version of the entire Yeezus album. Super dope! Check out some of the artwork from Bound 2Gether in the gallery.

Kanye West Asked Seth Rogen And James Franco To Recreate ‘Bound 3’ Parody During Wedding?!

Kanye West is known for lashing out on those who laugh at him rather than with him, so when James Franco and Seth Rogen recreated Ye’s ‘Bound 2’ with their twist, you would expect for all hell to break loose? Wrong!

(Photos) Who Rides It Better? Beyonce Or Kim Kardashian??

Pictures surfaced on social media with Beyonce on the back of a motorcycle with her hubby Jay Z on the set of “On The Run(PartII)”. Everyone seems to be comparing it to Kanye West video “Bound 2” featuring Kim K. So now the real question is, who rode the motorcycle better? Queen Bey or Kim? Photos in Gallery!

(Video) ’70s Boy Band Claims Kanye West Stole WHICH Song?!

Ah, what a surprise. Kanye West got himself into some more drama. Lead singer Ricky Spicer from the 1970s one-hit wonder group The Ponderosa Twins Plus One is claiming that after he heard popular song off Kanye West’s “Yeezus” album on the radio, he was mortified and could not believe his ears. On Monday morning, the once famous entertainer filed papers at Manhattan Supreme Court stating that Kanye used vocals from their 1971 song Bound on Ye’s 2013 Bound 2. Click below and listen to the original versus Kanye’s version.

Kanye West Being Sued For Sample Used In, “Bound 2”

Another day, another situation involving Kanye West! This time it’s between the, “Black Skinhead” rapper and 70s singer, Ricky Spicer, one of the five members in Ponderosa Twins Plus One. Spicer is claiming that his voice is used in Kanye’s most recent single, “Bound 2,” without permission, of course and a lawsuit has been set in motion. “Mr. Spicer’s voice is sampled exactly as he recorded it and his voice,” the suit mentions. Other defendants in the case, Roc-a-Fella, Island Def Jam, Rhino Entertainment, and Universal Music Group. This is going to be a DOUZIE! Check out the ORIGINAL sound of, “Bound,” after the jump.

‘SNL’ Cast Spoofs Kimye’s ‘Bound 2’ Video!

As we all come to appreciate the visuals in Kanye West’s Bound 2, it seems like everyone can not help but comment or make their own recreation of the Yeezus piece. The SNL crew has taken on the couple once again, and if you’re locked into “Wake up With KimYe” you’ll be in for a nice holiday rendition of Ye’s later music video! Hit the jump for the hilarious skit.

(Video) Katy Perry Throws Jab At Kanye & Kim’s ‘Bound 2’ Video?

As Katy Perry made her appearance on the Ellen show, she did not expect her boyfriend, John Meyer to surprise them all by also appearing! When Ellen asked the two whether Meyer’s music video for “Who You Love” involving the two coupled up, was a jab at “Bound 2”, a fearless Perry responded by saying “Yes.. I think our response was more authentic because my hair was blowing in the right direction”. Hit the jump for the full clip!

(Video) Ellen Degeneres Is Bound To Make Your Holidays With This Greeting Card!

Ellen Degeneres decided to spread some holiday spirit with her new greeting card, and lets just say it has a big KimYe influence. Degeneres revealed the new card after showing the audience the Kardashians 2013 holiday card, and I’m thinking Ellen’s got them beat! Hit the jump for the clip.

Def Jam Furious With Kim Kardashian Over What?

Kim Kardashian stars in her fiancé Kanye West’s new video “Bound 2,” and upon its release, posted her own copy on her personal YouTube page. Music videos, especially that of a huge artist like Kanye, are big deals to record labels, with endorsement money and statistics and tons of other important factors playing a part in the specific placement of the visuals: typically the artist’s YouTube or VEVO page. Needless to say, Kanye’s label Def Jam was allegedly furious with Kim’s post. “Whatever Kim or Kanye were thinking, it was a ridiculous decision made without consultation,” a source said. “Kanye is an artist signed to Def Jam and it is the label who makes decisions about where videos and songs are released, not Kanye — and most certainly not Kim. From what the label can gather, Kim totally acted on her own accord. Her decision has cost the label a serious amount of money — and in the process, made her revenue from advertising on her YouTube page.” The video has since disappeared from Kim’s page, now replaced with a link to Ye’s VEVO page.

(Video) Kim Kardashian Reacts To Seth Rogen & James Franco’s “Bound 2” Spoof

Yesterday morning, comedians Seth Rogen and James Franco released “Bound 3,” a hilarious spoof of Kanye West’s new music video “Bound 2,” starring a topless Kim Kardashian. It was obviously done in good spirits and not to be malicious, but did Kim see it that way, or was she offended? Find out via a paparazzi video below!

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