Sports: Muhammad Ali’s Grandsons Are Athletes Paving Their Own Way

Muhammad Ali’s daughter Rahshida has two sons. Biaggio and Nico. They seem to be athletes in their own right. One is a star HS football player and his younger brother is taking after his grandfather in the boxing ring.

(Video) NBA: LeBron or Draymond Roy Jones Jr Picks A Side

So we’ve seen Draymond and LeBron show out in the NBA post season. But what if we got to see them square off in a boxing ring?

(Video) Sports: Celebrities Remembering Muhammad Ali

The Champ, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali passed away Friday night surrounded by family and love. Social media has been flooded with condolences and memories of the amazing man formerly known as Cassius Clay.

(Video) Boxing: Premature Celebration Leaves Winner On The Floor Too

Jordan Tai, a New Zealand boxer began his celebration a little too soon in a recent match against opponent Joe Blackbourn and it almost cost him the bout.

(Video) Boxing: Mayweather Dry Pleads For Jon Jones To Join TMT

Er’body loves Floyd, right? Bling blaaw, hot chicks, cars, G4s and all. But why does it seem like he’s basically dry begging for Jon Jones to join The Money Team? Does he know something we don’t?

(Video) Boxing: Hilarious Mike Tyson Interview By Diego

Fat Joe told us about a run in that he and Big Pun had at a night club some years ago, and how Mike Tyson saved them…is Mike referring to that in this interview? OMG I laughed so hard at this…Mike is a damned fool and pretty freaking funny. You can never tell if he’s off his rocker or just funny as hell. I go with B. Who IS this lil puppet?? LMAO @DinaWitaY source

(Video) Isaiah Thomas Has Faith In A Mayweather NBA Career

Celtics top man, Isaiah Thomas, fresh off the NBA lottery with a Round 1 #3 slot was caught chillin’ in NY still. When he is approached about Floyd Mayweather’s prospective upcoming bought and a possible second career as a professional basketball player he shared some serious thoughts.

(Video) Boxing: Is Conor McGregor Really Preparing For A Floyd Fight?

By now you’ve heard Floyd Mayweather say that he’s only coming out of quasi-retirement to fight Conor McGregor. So…is McGregor training now? Check out the video of him sparring in Brentwood, CA earlier.

(Video) Father Boxes His Son For Disrespecting His Teacher And Playing Hooky

One father posted to Facebook a video of him boxing his son. He wasn’t playing around with his son but he was boxing him as a form of “discipline.” The 17-year-old boy was disrespecting his teacher and playing hooky from school and his father took matters into his own hands. Some people think this is child abuse and others think this is just a parent disciplining their child. You be the judge of that. Watch the video after the jump.

(Video/Photo) Sports: Sexy IG Model Kattya Heredia Shows Off Her Boxing Themed Photoshoot

This doesn’t have much to do with sports but I don’t think any of you are going to care. Instagram model Kattya Heredia showed off her sexy figure in a boxing photoshoot that will make you wish you were in the gym with her. Check out the video and then hit the gallery for more eye candy!

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