(Video) Stitches Fights At Celebrity Boxing Promotional Event

He’s at it again…Florida rapper Stitches (yes the guy who got knocked out by Game’s manager Wack 100), tussels with another not very well known rapper from Phili who goes by the name of Supreme Da Rezerekta. After Stitches was scheduled to fight Game in a celebrity boxing match, which is unsurprisingly not happening, now he’s scheduled to fight this guy. We don’t know why, but they just started throwing hands at the promo event before it was quickly broken up. Hit the jump.

(Video) Boxing: Check Out Usher’s Boxing Skills as He Prepared to Play Sugar Ray Leonard in Biopic

Video was released of Usher sparring and lets just say, it’s way better than Meek Mill’s.  Okay let me be fair, Usher has been training for quite some time now for a movie role and he looks pretty good.

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Discusses the Racism That He Believes Still Exists in Boxing

Floyd Mayweather did an interview with Fight Hype and discussed how racism still exists in boxing.  He gave several examples including Andre Ward and Triple G and also crossed into UFC while discussing Ronda Rousey and former boxer Laila Ali.

Boxing: 19-Year Old Boxer Dies After Collapsing During His First Professional Fight

19-year old boxer Hamzah Aljahmi wanted to be the next Muhammad Ali, unfortunately his career and life was cut short after he died due to injuries suffered in his first professional fight.

(Video) Boxing: Meek Mill’s Boxing ‘Skills’ Spark Social Media Jokes

Meek Mill possibly facing jail time is no laughing matter but footage of him boxing sparked social media jokes and concern for his safety should he end up doing time again.

Boxing: SMFH! Boxer Shot & Killed His Sparring Partner Because He Was Tired Of Losing To Him In The Ring

Stan Stanisclasse was a former golden gloves champion who turned pro back in 2013. He was such a good fighter that it actually led to him being murdered by a jealous, bitter, low life rival! Stanisclasse, 24, was shot and killed outside his home by Darrell Telisme, a sparring partner of his for years. Telisme was never able to beat Stan in the ring so he decided to take him out in the street instead.

(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Doesn’t Like $20 Bills With His $100’s So He Rips Them To Shreds

Adrien Broner loves the strip club and earlier this week he found himself at another one, this time in Ohio. By the time he got there he wound up throwing out nothing but $100’s and that’s because earlier in the night he was busy ripping his $20 bills apart.

Sports: Floyd Mayweather Offers to Help Ronda Rousey With Her Boxing Skills

Floyd Mayweather has been very supportive of Ronda Rousey since her loss to Holly Holm.  Given the supposed feud between the two, many thought he would gloat at her demise.  Instead he defended her against Internet trolls attacking her on social media and said she would bounce back.  Now he’s going a step further, Mayweather offers to help Ronda Rousey to develop better boxing skills.

(Video) Sports: Freddie Roach Says It’s Embarrassing No One Taught Ronda Rousey About Boxing

Everybody has been chiming in with their thoughts about Ronda Rousey’s shocking loss to Holly Holm.  But if you know Holm’s fighting history and watched the fight, it was clear how she was able to beat Rousey.  Holm is a former kickboxing champion as well as a boxing champion, winning titles in three different weight classes.  Many noted that Rousey’s lack of boxing skills is what did her in.  Famous boxing trainer Freddie Roach also weighed in and says it was embarrassing that no one taught Ronda about boxing.

Keep Him In Your Prayers: Muhammad Ali’s Friend Says Boxing Legend’s Health Worsening

I’m tremendously sad that I have to be the bearer of bad news but according to his longtime friend, and business partner, Gene Kilroy, the boxing legend has become a “prisoner in his own body.” He says the 73-year-old former world champion has been in poor health since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984 and since then has been slowly becoming more and more ill…

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