(Video) LOL: Young Boys Rapping To Trap Music In The Car While Mom Drives

Kids these days rap and curse with no hesitation, even with Mom around. Don’t think so? Check out this hilarious clip of boys no older than 12 bumping to trap with Mom in the front seat.

(Photo) Wow!..Beastie Boys Sign A Deal With NYU Allowing Students To Use Their Studio!

Beastie Boys open up an amazing opportunity to the students of NYU. They are now allowing students to have access to their recording studio. Thats pretty cool!

(Photo) WTF!?! Check Out This Cow’s Extra Hoof!!

An Indian cow has recently become an internet sensation. First of all, the cow has an extra hoof dangling from its neck, which many believe carries superpowers. According to reports, Pregnant women are paying a farmer to let them touch his five-legged cow’s extra hoof so they will give birth to a boy. Check out the cow after the jump.

Sports: Uhh, What?! Cristiano Ronaldo Sends Out The Most Awkward Tweet Ever

Well this got awkward pretty quick! Cristiano Ronaldo sent out a tweet thanking boys for participating in his underwear competition.  The tweet has since been deleted, but Cristiano was referring to a CR7 Boys Underwear Competition that is meant to have fans show love for the soccer star. You see how this could all go wrong … right?!  And yea, it did. Check out the tweet…

WTF! 8-Year-Old Boy Shoots Brother In The Head

Well well well, Texas always seems to be getting into some stuff when it comes to guns. Little kid always seem to be shooting each other out there.. wtf?! I won’t be planning vacations there any time soon. An 8-year-old shot his 5-year-old brother in the head, reportedly leaving him in critical condition, on Saturday.

(Video & Photos) Cat Caught Trying To Hold His Homies Down Lol!!!

Yea I couldn’t believe it either lol, check out the video after the jump and see how this cat tries to help his boys out, literally LMAO! AliTheGreatest

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