(Video) Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Video To Facebook

Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Videos To Facebook. Stop me if you’ve heard this before (my boss actually did stop me before writing this article to make sure we haven’t posted this one before) but a couple teens rob someone and then post it online to flaunt, only to get arrested and jailed days later.

(Video) Thieves Record Video Bragging About Their Hustle

Thieves Record Video Bragging About Their Hustle. I’ve seen people do a sh*t ton of dumb things in my 21 years of living but I think this one takes the cake. Click read more to check out their video.

NBA:(Video) SMH, JaVale McGee is Hype About Beating A Kid At This

I hope JaVale was playing about this. Either way, I am sure this 11 year old kid officially hates him now, lol. McGee was playing arcade basketball and decided to instagram his victory to gloat about it. Unfortunately for the Denver Nuggets, these will be the only jumpers McGee hits all season. Hit the jump.

Talking About Yourself Makes You Feel Like WHAT?!?

“I Don’t Wanna Brag…But” Curious as to why people often enjoy bragging about themselves, researchers from Harvard University found out that it evokes brain reactions associated with pleasure and reward. After they conducted tests using brain scanning technology, they found that when people talk about themselves it triggers the same chemical reaction they experience during sex. Which motivates them to share personal information more often.

(Photo) Female Rapist Gets Caught After Bragging To Neighbors!!!!

An older woman raped and sodomized a teenage boy and got caught because she bragged. I think I know who the new prison girlfriend is. Find out their ages after the jump! Emma RABID

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