Missy Elliot Gets Sued!

It looks like Missy Elliot has gotten herself into some legal issues. Back in November of 2012, Missy had to cancel two concerts in Brazil for bad promotion. Now three years later, Missy is being sued for $75,000 plus interest. Ever since she skipped a national TV appearance on Brazil’s Rede Globo and her two appearance in both Rio and Porto Alegre, this have been shakey. Justin Faustin, the man who booked Missy, says fans were outraged when she never showed up – hence the huge lawsuit. As of now, Missy has to just take the L and pay up the $$ before things get worse. Moral of the story: SHOW UP TO YOUR SHOWS!

Joe Jackson Has Been Released From The Hospital

Late July, news broke that Joe Jackson was admitted into a Brazilian hospital after suffering from a stroke. The head of the Jackson clan has since been discharged. Details down bottom.

Joe Jackson Reportedly Suffered From A Stroke After His Birthday Party

UPDATE: 7/27/2015 12:50 p.m. Following a fatal stroke, Joe Jackson entered the hospital where the trauma did not stop. An artery bursting behind his eye is what triggered his initial stroke, however, while in the Sao Paulo hospital, he suffered three additional strokes. Jackson who was in Brazil celebrating his 87th birthday lost his vision. According to his publicist, his heart stopped beating for ten seconds. Doctors were able to revive him, put him on a pacemaker that they are now hoping will stabilizes him. More details as they arrive. JaaiR: Instagram|Twitter ORIGINAL: 7/26/2015 11:19 p.m. Joe Jackson has reportedly suffered from a stroke. Read more below…

10 Year Old Little Girl Gives Birth After Complaining About Having Stomach Aches

A 10 year old girl from Brazil gave birth to a healthy baby girl. How exactly did she get pregnant? Read more below…

(Fellas Check The Pics) Uh Oh! Kendall Jenner Almost Has A Nip Slip In Brazil!

During a recent event in Brazil, reality TV star/model Kendall Jenner appeared on the Red Carpet with her boob almost popping out of her shirt. Check out some flicks of her almost “oops” moment in the gallery!

(Photos) Chris Brown’s Baby Mama’s Boyfriend Is Still Playing Daddy To Royalty

A Houston man by the name of Brazil (aka Ba) was dating Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia, and believed he was Royalty’s father until DNA tests proved otherwise. Despite the drama, he and Nia are apparently working it out, and according to his Instagram page, he’s stepping up and continuing his father duties.

Been A Dad Still A Dad.. Minus All the Nonsense That Been Going On We Still Kick It ..Still Keep It Cool. #MyStank

Ba, Nia and Royalty are still residing in Houston, but upon Chris‘ return from his brief tour in Africa, he’s likely going to continue his quest to convince Nia and Royalty to move to Los Angeles. Wonder if he’s ready to accept Ba as part of that deal too?

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