Breaking News: 50 U.S Troops To Be Deployed To Syria

The United States is set to deploy 50 Special Operations soldiers to Syria to aid rebels of ISIS in their ongoing battle. Full story after the jump.

OUCH I Know That Hurt!! Man Heard Penis Break During Sex!!

Men, imagine having that good ol’ toe curling sex and then “SNAP” your penis broke! Read more after the jump!

Son Shot By Dad For Breaking Up Parents Fight

Son Shot By Dad For Breaking Up Parents Fight. During a fight with his wife, their 18-year old son interfered and broke it up, only to be shot at by his father three times who left and returned with a gun. Read more after the jump!

Cruel And Unusual Conditions At LA Prisons!!

Mental Healthcare conditions inside Los Angeles Jail’s are SO poor that alot of its 19,000 prisoners sleep without even a mattress!! Such cruel and unusual conditions are at effect here that they are violating The U.S Constitution. More then fifteen suicides have taken place in only 25 months at these so called ” mental-health” facilities.

Charlie Sheen Has Some Choice Words For Rihanna!!

Rihanna just made Charlie Sheen’s sh*t list! Why? She rejected a request by Charlie Sheen , for her to meet his fiancee ( who is apparently a big fan , although we wonder will she still be a fan after this.)

(Photo) Garden State Plaza Mall Evacuated; Shots Reportedly Fired & Burning Car

The Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus,NJ was evacuated shortly after 8pm Saturday night after reports of shots being fired inside the mall. Authorities are currently on the scene, check below the jump for more details.

Say What?! Zac Efron Says He Broke His Jaw By Doing WHAT?!

So according to Zac Efron, who has been dealing with a huge drug habit for years, claims he fell in a puddle outside of his mansion and broke his jaw. He’s currently stuck with a wired shut jaw and a huge gash mark on his face from the alleged fall. Not to mention Zac checked himself into rehab for his cocaine habit twice already this year. Hmmmmmm…. Do we believe his fishy story?

Egypt Names Interim Prime Minister!!

Opposition spokesman says pro-reform leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, has been named Egypt’s interim prime minister. Egypt was in crisis mode, now there are plans to regain control over the country’s streets.

(Video) Watch Live: Plane Crashed At San Francisco Intl Airport Upon Landing

Breaking news: A Boeing 777 has just recently crashed upon landing at the San Francisco International Airport. The plane is operated by Asiana Airlines, and it has been reported there was fire on the runway.

Man Caught Breaking Into Cars And Pooping In The Backseat

New Jersey cops may have cracked the case of the thief who has been burglarizing vehicles and defecating in the backseat of the cars. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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