Childish Gambino’s “Atlanta” Breaks Television Record

Childish Gambino is on a role if he ever was on one. His own show ‘Atlanta’, has broke a record for it’s station FX – and it’s a big one!

This Can’t Be Real Life: Woman Finds Lost Sex Toy In Her Vag After How Many YEARS?!

Yes, yes, indeed this is a factual story. In actuality, the story has already made its way to the ‘Journal Of Sexual Medicine’, where it outlines how a Scottish woman took herself the hospital for symptoms of tiredness and weight loss, only to discover she unknowingly had a sex toy stuck up there?! Yikes. Get details inside!

Boxing: GOODNESS! Mayweather-Alvarez PPV Numbers Are In!!

Yes sir!!! The numbers are in & they are higher than what analysts thought!  Did the Mayweather-Alvarez fight break the PPV record?! Check it out…

‘Hunger Games’ Breaks Records With $155 Million Opening Weekend!!

Yesterday we reported that The Hunger Games made nearly 70 million in just one day but now the full weekend report is in and the blockbuster DEMOLISHED the box office, making a whopping $155 million opening weekend (even bigger than Twilight)!! Full report after the jump! Wendy L.

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