NFL: Brian Urlacher Wants Cam Newton to Have More Class Like Peyton Manning

Super Bowl 50 will feature the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos.  It’s also about Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning, they’re two very different quarterbacks.  There is big age difference between the two but it’s more than that.  Some people want to say it’s not a race thing but it’s hard to deny; Newton himself said him being an incomparable African-American quarterback scares people.  Newton is a mobile QB who likes to dance and celebrate after touchdowns and wins.  While we like to think he’s just having fun, others say he’s classless.

(Video) NFL: Bitter?! There’s One Player That Hasn’t Reached Out To Brian Urlacher Since He Retired

Hmmmm, this is interesting – although it really doesn’t matter since they don’t play together anymore. Brian Urlacher announced his retirement back in May & landed a gig with Fox Sports 1 a couple months later, so life has been pretty good. But looking back there’s just ONE noticeable player that didn’t reach out to him since his retirement from the NFL. Can you guess who it is? Check out what he had to say…

NFL: Brian Urlacher Admits Players Faked Some Injuries

Some may or may not know that this goes on, but Brian Urlacher has admitted that some players (on the Bears) faked injuries to slow down offenses. Check out what he had to say & weigh in after the jump…

NFL: Are You Serious?? Brian Urlacher Blames Russell Wilson For His Career Ending Injury?

Brian Urlacher has to be one of the most bitter former athletes I have seen. For a player who prided himself on it being “all about the team”, he sure threw that out the window when he said he would be mad if the Bears win a Super Bowl without him now that he retired. That comment was serious by the way, it was not a joke. Now in an interview he mentions Russell Wilson being part of the reason his career ended. Smh. Suck it up dude! Hit the jump to see what he said.

NFL: Brian Urlacher Lands New Gig!!

Good news Bears fans, you will be able to watch Brian Urlacher this football season!  He may not be in a Bears uniform or on the field playing, but he has landed a new gig.  Congrats to him. Check out what he’s doing after the jump…

NFL: Brian Urlacher Announces His Retirement

Congratulations to Brian Urlacher on an outstanding NFL career!  Today he announced his retirement on Twitter.  I lived in Chicago for a few years and got to see Brian play — boy do those fans love them some Urlacher!!!  Best of luck in retirement.  Check out what he had to say…

NFL: Chicago Bears & Brian Urlacher Part Ways. Urlacher Is Not Happy & Speaks Out

Oh I know Bears fans are pissed!!! I used to live in Chicago and those Bears fans LOVE them some Brian Urlacher.  Yesterday the Bears announced that they were unable to sign Urlacher & are moving in another direction.  So what happened?!  Check out what Brian had to say about the situation.

NFL: Jay Cutler, Brian Urlacher & Devin Hester React To Lovie Smith Firing

“Black Monday” is no joke around the NFL…no one is safe and that included Bears coach Lovie Smith who was with the team for 9 seasons.  Many (including myself) were shocked that he got the boot. So what does the Bears QB and other players think about the firing?!  You might be surprised to hear what Cutler had to say… GameTimeGirl

NFL: Brian Urlacher Rips Bears Fans!

As someone that used to live in Chicago, I know that Bears fans LOVE Brian Urlacher but after this they may not like him as much.  I get where Urlacher is coming from,  if the Bears are your team – you stand behind them no matter what…ride or die.  There is no bandwagon sh*t going on.  BUT at the same time, c’mon fam!  Urlacher can’t say he doesn’t care about fans!  Without us, football would be nothing! Check out what he had to say & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

Is Jenny McCarthy Really Dating Him?!?!

Jenny McCarthy, the stunning actress from Chicago recently split from her ex NFL superstar boy friend Brian Urlacher, but lately she has been spotted getting close to Jim Belushi. The two were spotted at a Chicago Bulls game together and Jenny even tweeted a picture of the two of them while they were out. As long as she’s happy that’s all that matters but im sure she can get a better looking guy than Belushi. No offense Jim. Hit the Jump for more. PaulDaPro

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