(Photo) Kid Smarter than Einstein !!

There’s an 11 year old kid smarter than Einstein. That’s right at 11 years old Ramarni Wilfred as an IQ score higher than Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. What caught my attention was that sadly the name of the article read “Black boy has higher IQ than Steven Hawking, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates.” Almost as if the writers were shocked at the race of the child” Written by a Caribbean spread I’m hoping they said it in a proud way and not a shocked tone. After the child genius wrote an essay for Oxford University so mind blowing, they invited Ramarni back to take an IQ exam. Not even expecting to score so high, Wifred was ranked top 1 percent in the United Kingdom.

(Photos) Wow! British Teen Accidentally Hangs Himself Trying To Figure Out How Robin Williams Died…RIP

A British teenager by the name of Temidayo Joseph, accidentally hung himself while trying to figure out how actor Robin Williams died. Check out the photos of Temidayo Joseph in the gallery and read more on the story below!

(Photos) Umm, What? British Man Spends HOW MUCH On Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian?!

WELP, I have literally seen it all. 23-year-old Jordan James Parke has already dropped $150K on plastic surgery to try to look as close to Kim Kardashian as possible. Being that, well, he is a dude, there really is no resemblance. The British make-up artist has gotten lip and cheek fillers, laser hair removal, Botox, eyebrow tattoos and veneers. When you look at Parke, he looks extremely fake and his eyebrows are WAY too big. However, when asked about his fake appearance he replied, “Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back.” LAWD. Head over to the gallery and check out some flicks of the Kim K wannabe. For $150,000 dollars to look like Kim, I better be getting a*s implants and a permanent contour for life that cannot be washed off. Just Saying.

A Family’s Pet Hamster Caused A Deadly Fire & Owners Are Now Homeless!

A hamster is believed to have caused a deadly fire that now leaves the owners of the home homeless. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) British Comedian Breaks Down How US Media Is Covering Ebola

In a way yes, sometimes when a big story with teeth hits a news loop, and it’s back-to-back reports, it feels like they’re over hyping it, but they actually are trying to give facts and updated facts, unless you’re watching a Fox news program, not so much.

Jennifer Lopez Explains Why She’s Not Ashamed Of Her Three Divorces!

The beautiful Jennifer Lopez opened up to the British newspaper “The Mirror” on why she is not ashamed of her three divorces or past relationships. Find out what she had to say and read more on the story below!

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