(Photos) Sports: Brock Turner Registers as Sex Offender, His Parents House Gets Egged

Brock Turner may have been happy for a very lenient sentence for his sexual assault, and even happier to have gotten out early, doing three months instead of six, but that made him a national figure for all the wrong reasons.  Though he didn’t have to pay with jail time, he’s known all over the country as a rapist and his neighbors decided to act out their own punishment.

(Video) Race Card: Two Men Committed The Same Crime But Wont Be Serving The Same Time

Most people know about the controversy surrounding the Brock Turner rape case and are all baffled at his sentencing. Turner was sentenced to only six months in a county jail but will be only be expected to serve three out of the six months. Former Vanderbilt football player Cory Batey was charged with a very similar crime but will be serving a sentence 3,000% longer than convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner. Check out the video after the jump.

(Photos) Stamford Rapists Mother Writes A Letter To The Judge Begging Not To Punish Her Son

Convicted Stanford rapist, Brock Turner’s mom, Carleen Turner, wrote a letter to Judge Persky in regards to her son’s sentencing. The letter has been released publicly and her letter is just as upsetting as the letter written by Brock Turner’s father, Dan A. Turner. In Dan Turner’s letter he said that his son should not be punished for twenty minutes of action. This is actually mind blowing that the Turner family is filled with a bunch of idiots. Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

Yikes! A Powerful Witch Casts A Hex On Brock Turner Convicted Rapist

People are outraged at the poor sentencing for the convicted rapist Brock Turner who was originally sentenced six months in prison that decreased to three months. Well, Melanie Hexen who identifies herself as a witch and her brood could not come to terms with his sentencing.

(Video) Potential Jurors Refuse To Serve In The Courtroom Of Judge Who Sentenced Rapist, Brock Turner

Brock Turner is causing a bit if buzz in the media and it’s not the kind of buzz you would ever what your name affiliated with. Brock Turner raped an unconcious woman behind a dumpster last year at a frat party and Judge Aaron Persky only sentenced Turner to six months in a county jail because he does not think he will be a threat to others in the future. Now potential jurors are putting their foot down and are refusing to serve in Judge Persky’s courtroom.

(Video) Women Read An Emotional Letter Written By Brock Turner’s Rape Victim

There is nothing more disgusting and cowardly than someone who will sexual assault someone while they are unconscious. That is exactly what happened to one woman who attended Stanford University. Brock Turner is a name that has been in the media lately because he raped a woman who was unconscious behind a dumpster and only received a jail sentence of six months along with three years of probation. The reason why his sentence is so short is because Judge Aaron Persky thought a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him and he doesn’t think Tuner will be a danger to others. BULL SH*T! He raped an unconscious girl behind a dumpster! He’s a lunatic! Sexual assault victims read a letter written by the victim in the Stanford sexual assault case and some of the woman get very emotional . Read the rest of this story after the jump.

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