(Video) LMAO: This Little Boy Is Pissed Off That He’s Getting Another Sister!

This is a tale of a gender revealing gone terribly wrong! A little boy, celebrating the revealing of his little sister or brother, amongst his other sisters gets the surprise of his life when he finds out, yet another female will be added to his family tree. Check out the hilariously epic clip below!

Sports: These Guys Make Millions From The NBA WithOUT Lifting a Finger!!

Those are two smart brothers!!  Wow, this is an interesting/crazy story (some of you may know about it, but I just learned about it — so passing knowledge forward).  Can you imagine making millions for doing nothing?!  Just because you made a smart decision over 30 years ago?! Check it out…

Fraternity Brother Sends Out Disrespectful, ‘Save The Sluts’ Email!

A Fraternity Brother of the college of William And Mary in Virginia has sent out a mass email, alerting brothers of his new ‘campaign’ focusing on ‘saving the sluts’; hit the jump for more.

15 Year Old Utah Boy Stabs His Own Brothers 4, And 10 While Parents Were Away

A 15 year old Utah boy was babysitting his two little brothers while his mother was taking some of his siblings to a dance recital. The father was away on active military duty and the mother had put the 15 year old in charge but when she got back to her West Point home, she found her 4 year old son dead and couldn’t locate her other two sons. After authorities arrived they found the 10 year old also slain. The 15 year was not found until later but was taken into custody by the police. The local district attorney is debating whether to try this boy as a child or as an adult, and the mannner of the boy’s deaths seem to be consistent with knife wounds to the body. A neighbor of the family says the 15 year old was the oldest of the couples 6 children four of which were adopted. Both of the slain children were the adopted brother of the 15 year old, possibly being part of the boys motive. Hit the jump for more.

SMH! Two Brothers Sexually Assaulted A Women & Did WHAT To Her After?!

SMH… these dudes are SICK! 33-year-old Richard Delgado-Cruz and his brother, 29-year-old Danny Delgado-Cruz, allegedly broke into a woman’s home in Poinciana, Florida on Monday night. They entered the house wearing masks and holding machetes and proceeded to sexually assault the unarmed women. But it gets worse…. Hit the jump to hear the gruesome details of this story.

(Video) Maret Tsarnaev, Aunt Of The Two Suspected Boston Maratho Bombers Says What About The Evidence?!?!

With everybody ready to point fingers at the Tsarnaev brothers after the Boston Marathon Bombing; even family members have spoken out against the boys, as the manhunt continues not everybody is pleased with the evidence provided. At times like these we’re always ready to get the bad guy, but in our desires to make someone pay for the crimes, it’s also important that we remember that these suspect(s) are inocent until proven guilty. Maret Tsarnaev, the Aunt of the two boys spoke out to reporters in Canada earlier today saying that the evidence she’s seen is not enough for her to say that her nephews are guilty. Maret who claims that she is a lawyer seems very clear about how she feels on the situation, not enough evidence has been given, and there’s an awful lot of pressure on the authorities to catch the one remaining Tsarnaev brother. If the 19 year old Dzhokhar get’s his day in court and he’s guilty then punish him accordingly, but nobody wants to see somebody pay for someone else’s crime. Watch the video down bellow!

(Video + Photos) Boy, 11, Shoots Brother, 5, With Dad’s Gun

A story that seems to be ever-changing, sad nonetheless happened earlier today involving a Bronx family who now suffers after a tragic accident that ultimately led to a father being held in police custody, one son, 5, being sent to the hospital at the fault of his 11-year-old brother. Catch the sad details after the jump.

Two Brothers Set Record In Burning Lotto Money

What would you do if you won the lotto?? Find out how two brothers from Kansas blew their lotto winnings. Details after the jump.

NFL: Michael Vick Responds To His Brothers Trade Tweets/Twitter Rant!

Michael Vick’s younger brother, Marcus, went on a twitter rant during the Eagles’ 28-13 loss to the Saints Monday night. Marcus tweeted begging the Eagles to trade his brother and pretty much threw the whole team under the bus. Last night, Vick walked to the podium unaware of the stir his brother had created through social media earlier in the evening and addressed it when he was asked about it. GameTimeGirl

(Video) Lion Trainer Spills Lion Taming Secrets!

Ringling Brother’s lion tamer, Alexander Lacey, spills some secrets on lion taming.  His biggest secret was don’t get in their way when they are about to pee, LOL! Hit the jump. Steph B

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