(Photos) Caitlyn Jenner Spotted Out & About Looking Fab For The First Time!

Ever since Bruce Jenner decided to undergo a shocking gender transformation surgery, he’s had the world glued to his every move. Now that he’s no longer a he and actually a “she” named Caitlyn, nobody is quite sure how to react to the situation as of yet. For the first time since her big Vanity Fair debut as a woman, the 65-year-old was spotted out and about for the first time in a car getting ready to film more of her new eight part series, I Am Cait, which will be airing via the E! network. Even without all of the airbrushing in the mag, Cait still looks very stunning from the help of her glam squad. Check out some pics of Caitlyn spotted out in the gallery. Will you be tuning into her new series on E!?

(Photo) Chris Brown Upsets His Friend Kylie

Chris Brown upsets his friend Kylie Jenner by putting up a instagram post related to the Bruce Jenner incident. With all the support this family can get the last thing any of the Kardashian sisters need is to have a so called friend making fun of their father. Check out the screen shots of Kylie as she comments back to Chris Brown.

(Photo) Was Kylie Sipping On Lean ?

Word on the street is they spotted Kylie sipping on lean. Was she? or could that have been anything , but what? “Lean” is the street term for the mix of the drug promethezyne amd sprite, usually contained inside of a sprite bottle. The fact that sprite is a clear drink and the mix makes it a darker color is usually a dead give away when you see people carrying it. Check out the pics of the alleged Kylie sipping on lean.

WOW… Caitlyn Jenner Is Worth HOW Much More Than Bruce?!

Bruce Jenner is one of the most famous Olympians of all time, but now he just made his value go up 5 times what he was worth before! Bruce would do a lot of motivational speaking and things of that sort for about $25,000 a gig. Now, he’s worth AT LEAST a good $100K easy. Bruce was no fan of social media which made it hard for his popularity status to grow. As soon as he came out as “Caitlyn,” she automatically broke the internet in a matter of seconds. Of course being that Bruce transformed from a famous public athletic male figure to a hot woman with boobs, we would assume he has quite the story to tell. Well worth the $100K.

(Photo) NBA: JR Smith Posts Then Deletes Instagram Photo Calling Caitlyn Jenner a Science Project

Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner has now fully transformed to Caitlyn Jenner.  The transition has made major headlines with just about everyone talking about it.  Most people have shown support for Jenner and those that have spoken badly about her have faced attacks on social media.  Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith was apart of the latter half.

(Video) Get A Sneak Peek Of Caitlyn Jenner’s New TV Series ‘I Am Cait’

It comes as no surprise that Caitlyn Jenner is going to have her own TV show via the E! network to document her entire experience as a transformed woman. The network recently announced that the docu-series entitled “I Am Cait” will be airing on Sunday, July 26th. With full hair and make-up, Bruce-turned-Caitlyn goes through the trials and tribulations of gender transformation and how her journey can possibly help others who deal with gender identity issues. It is definitely a huge change watching Bruce on TV now as a woman, but it’s extremely commendable and not many could have the courage to do so. Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming show below. Will you be tuning in?

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