(Video) SMH: Detroit Officers Punch Man In The Head And Groin During Traffic Stop

When is this going to end?! Caught on video by an eye witness, Detroit officers punch a man in his head and his groin during a traffic stop. The video was taken by someone who was actually in the car during the encounter. The police say the arrest of Tony Ross that was caught on video does not show the whole story.

(Video) Plies Speaks On Police Brutality

Plies is now speaking out on police brutality. He says when those lights come on no one is thinking about freedom. I can

San Francisco Cop Resigns After Fatally Shooting Black Woman

Many incidents involving the police force and black citizens have been viewed as racially bias and discriminating. Over the course of three years there have been a huge number of police brutality and killings like never before. One cop in California has stepped down after taking the life of a woman.

(Video) Ex Oklahoma Cop Cries Hysterically In Court After Being Convicted Of Rape

Former police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, saw his day in court on his 29th birthday on Thursday when he was convicted on 18 counts of rape, spanning a 6 month period. Hit the jump to watch the full conviction and the convicted rapist’s reaction.

(Video) Django Unchained Director Quentin Tarantino Attends NYC Rally Against Police Brutality

One of Hollywood’s top directors, unanimously known for using the N-word heavenly in his films, Quentin Tarantino shows his critics that he indeed supports the cause against the abusive power of some police officers through his attendance at the rally in Washington Square Park against “police terror” Saturday evening. Protesters held signs reading “Rise Up! Stop Police Terror!” and “Murder with a badge is still murder.” He helped lead the “Say Their Names” rally with hundreds gathered to chant the names of 250 people of color killed by police violence, with an emphasis on paying homage to one of the most horrific victims Tamir Rice.

(Video) White America Now Feeling Excessive Police Force

Cities like Baltimore and Ferguson received a lot of backlash from right wing news stations and middle America after the tragedies that occurred in those places and the aftermath that followed. For years, it is not a secret that many of those people often tell African Americans that we too often cause our own demise at the hands of the police; however, a new video has surfaced that is definitely countering that argument.

(Video) Police Brutality Caught On Tape In Harlem!

Of course, we know that these videos of police brutality are getting annoying.But its real life, and it keeps on happening. There was some police brutality caught on tape in Harlem!

(Photos) #SayHerName Movement Says Black Women’s Lives Matter Too

The media is now covering more stories that surrounding police violence against black men but what a about black women that have to face the same brutality? The movement has been started as an effort to recognize that black women face the same injustices by the hands of police as black men and to make sure that the police reform is addressed fully. Click more to read the full story!

(Video) More Police Brutality? Man Is Put In Chokehold By Off-Duty Officer

What a surprise, another young black man having a negative run in with the police. In a recent video a young man by the name of Robert Branch can be seen being choked by a man who describes himself as a police officer. Click more to check the video!

(Video) More Police Brutality! @SaratogaSheriff Deputy Violently Smacks During Illegal Search; Cop Suspended

These Cops, not just NYPD or big cities, but the rural townships across the country, although the mandate is to serve and protect, they seem to be more about fulfilling some type of ego.

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