(Photo+Video) WARNING: The Government Has A New Way To Bug You!!!!

It’s 1 thing when the FBI is Bugging all of our phones, not the calls, the actual mic, free and open while sitting in your pocket, on the desk, on the night stand…..everywhere you are 0_0, Very disturbing, but the Not the end of the world…But this new ish the gov is working on….even boggles a techie mind like mine….’Bugging’ to the Next Level!!! Hit the Jump.

New Jersey Braces For Huge Cicada Invasion

Cicada bugs are harmless but annoying as f*ck and New Jersey is about to be invaded with them. This year, Jersey will be facing a once-every-17-year invasion of the pesky bugs. The cicadas come out when the temperature hits 64 degrees, which is going to happen this week. More about the annoying bugs below.

Tech Talk News: Verizon And Apple Fix iPhone 5 Bug

Apple and Verizon finally fixed a bug plaguing new iPhone 5 users over the weekend. The problems Verizon iPhone 5 users had was they were unable to connect to cellular service while connected to wi-fi. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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