Parents Sue Third-Grader For WHAT?!

A bully at Robert Frost Elementary in Mount Prospect outside Chicago is facing the wrath of his victims parents. The parents of the bullied child are seeking out $50,000 in damages from the alleged bully, his parents, the school district and Robert Frost’s principal. “There was everything from choking my son and threatening to kill him, said he was going to go home and get a knife and come back and kill him,” Deveri Del Core, the mother of the bullied child told NBC Chicago. “My son would wake up at night screaming and crying, terrified, and did not want to go to school.” The lawsuit is holding the parents responsible for not being able to stop the bullying. Do you think suing is the right way to go about this Elementary conflict?  

(Video) Florida Woman Arrested After Fighting A Pre-Teen For Bullying Daughter?!

Talk about bad parenting! A Florida woman fought a preteen for bullying her 12 year old daughter! SMH. A confrontation between Irisdaly Rios and Ashley Perez, Rios’ daughter’s classmate, escalated into a fight at Hialeah Middle School parking lot. Perez was allegedly bullying Rios’ daughter. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Video) NFL: Report Finds Richie Incognito & Other Dolphins Players Guilty Of Harassment Of Teammates

Now we see why Richie Incognito went on a twitter rant earlier this week directed at Jonathan Martin. It wasn’t that long ago (literally last week) when Incognito showed his support for former teammate Jonathan Martin and had nothing but nice things to say about him and the situation. So it was shocking that out of nowhere a few days ago he decided to blast Martin on twitter. We wondered why would he randomly do that. Some people thought he must of gotten bad news from the independent investigation that was about to be completed, and boy were those assumptions correct. The report was released today and it blasts not only Incognito, but another teammate and the general manager as well. You can pretty much guarantee commissioner Goodell will be weighing in on the matter before the season starts and punishments will be expected. Hit the jump to see parts of the report.

(Video) NFL: Donovan McNabb Accused Of Bullying When He Was With Eagles? He Replies!!

Is this story for real? Can anyone imagine Donovan McNabb bullying people? I damn sure can’t, but then again I do not know him the way teammates did. A former Philadelphia Eagles player came out this week and made reference to McNabb bullying him and making his life “a living hell”. Well Donovan seems caught off guard by the accusations. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) NFL: Richie Incognito Claims Jonathan Martin Threatened to Kill His Whole Family

Ah the plot twist… The biggest story in sports lately is the situation involving Miami Dolphins players Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.  According to Martin he is the victim of extreme bullying and verbal abuse that caused him to leave the team and seek mental help.  Martin has not returned to the team and Incognito has been suspended while the NFL investigates the situation.  Since then more and more pieces of the story have come forth and while many people look at Incognito as a bully, many people also believe it’s just regular sports hazing and Martin should’ve manned up.  Martin has produced texts and emails to verify his side of the story and now FOX Sports Jay Glazer held a one-on-one interview with Incognito to get his side.

NBA: League Sends Memo to All Teams That Bullying Won’t Be Tolerated

In light of the Miami Dolphins “bullyiing” situation concerning Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, the NBA is making sure to let all teams know that sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

NFL: Dolphins Player Threatened To “Run A Train” on Jonathan Martin’s Sister & More!

Wow, it just gets worse & worse. SMH.  This is just taking way too far — as if it wasn’t bad enough. No wonder why the Jonathan Martin left the team.  There’s a new report that it wasn’t just Richie Incognito — there were other players allegedly harassing Jonathan Martin as well.  Report after the jump…

NFL: Dolphins Teammates Come to Richie Incognito’s Defense

A lot of press surrounding the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin drama has been negative, well now we’re hearing from teammates that are defending Richie.  Check out what they had to say about the situation & weigh in…

NFL: Coaches Told Richie Incognito To “Toughen Up” Jonathan Martin?!

Awww man,  it just gets worse. Hazing is a norm in the NFL, it’s been happening for years, but this is beyond hazing.  While the NFL is still investigating the whole messy situation of Richie Incognito bullying Jonathan Martin, some new information may have come to light — and it doesn’t look good for the Dolphins’ coaches.  They reportedly asked Richie Incognito to “toughen up” Jonathan Martin. Yikes. Details after the jump…

NFL: Agree or Nah?! Antrel Rolle Believes Jonathan Martin is as Much to Blame as Richie Incognito

One of the reasons I love Antrel Rolle is because he speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back — even if he may not always be right.  Well he’s speaking out on the whole Richie Incognito bullying Jonathan Martin situation & he has somewhat of a different take on it.  Some completely disagree with him and others think he has a point.  Check out what he had to say & weigh in!

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