(PHOTO) NFL: SMH, Check Out What Richie Incognito Said About Jonathan Martin in a Game Program

Signs were there. Last week in honor of Halloween the Dolphins asked players which of their teammates were “easiest to scare” on a page in their gameday program. Can you guess who Richie Incognito named?! This guy is finished. The lesson?! Karma always gets you. Check it out…

Sports: Former Dolphins RB Ricky Williams Weighs In on Bullying in the NFL

It’s so sad that we’re having this discussion about grown men and bullying.  You wouldn’t think that it would happen to adults, but it does — and apparently it’s gotten out of control. We just recently learned about the disturbing details of  what Richie Incognito allegedly said to Jonathan Martin & former Dolphin Ricky Williams started weighing in last night on Twitter and continued today about it.   Check out what he thinks…

NFL: Dolphins Suspend Richie Incognito Indefinitely

The Dolphins are wasting no time in this matter and have suspended starting guard Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team.  He allegedly bullied teammate Jonathan Martin.  Details after the jump…

NFL: Report, Dolphins Player Walks Away From Team After Being Bullied??

There are reports out of Miami, that Dolphins offensive lineman Johnathan Martin left the team this week after being bullied by teammates. Now there are conflicting stories about the account, but sources close to the team say some of the other lineman were just joking on Martin and he took it really personal and basically flipped out. If this is true, then there are definitely some things going on in this young mans life that are affecting him besides jokes from his fellow players. This is not some guy who barely plays. He was a second round pick last year and started every game this season until this point. Hit the jump for more about it.

Sports: Football Coach Accused of Bullying After 91-0 Win

Aledo football coach Tim Buchanan is being accused of bullying after his team won a football game 91-0.  Yes you read that right, 91-0.  Is that a good old fashioned molly whop OR is that bullying?!  I’d love to know what our readers think about this??? Check out the story & weigh in…

(Video) YIKES! Father Makes Son Hold “I Am A Bully” Sign On Busy Highway As Punishment

As a form of punishment, a father in Texas made his son hold a pink sign that read “I am a bully” on a busy highway after he got into trouble for bullying his classmates at school. Check out the video below.

(Video) Bad Girls Club Confessions: Janelle From BGC Miami Said WHAT?!

Bad Girls Club is infamous for their house bullying antics. Food throwing, jumping, beds thrown in pools, screaming insults and the list goes on. Do you think you would be able to last a day on this reality show? Janelle from BGC: Miami had a lot to say about the whole house ganging up on her. To see her interview, click below.

(Photos) Yikes! Petition Started For Rihanna & Teyana To Lose Endorsement Deals Over Twitter Beef?!

After the singing divas Teyana Taylor and Rihanna exchanged some pretty harsh words via Twitter, anti-bullying and domestic violence petitions started going crazy with hopes that the two cyber-beefin’ “bullies” will lose their endorsement deals. They’re arguing that since Rihanna and Teyana are both public figures with tons of young girls who look up to them, they’re setting a bad example for these young kids to follow. Check out some of the BRUTAL excerpts of the petitions below and tell us if you think they’re being too harsh on RiRi and Tey Tey.

Paris Jackson Was Being Bullied In School Over New Molestation Claims Against Her Father

A few days ago Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist with a meat cleaver and taking a lot of Motrin. Paris, who is said to be a smart girl, has recently giving up on school and has been on a downward spiral for about a year now. The 15-year-old daughter of the King of Pop has been struggling with family issues since her grandmother “disappeared” and now that her biological mother is back in her life, there is tension between Paris and her brothers. Many schoolmates noticed a change in Paris, but now we know that the change came because she was being bullied! A group of girls is bullying Paris and it go much worse following the new molestation claims against her father. Read more below.

(Video) WWE & Diddy Join Forces To Fight Bullying

I LOVE this!  I feel so bad for kids that are bullied. Kids can be SO mean.  There’s no way I would want to go back to being a kid with the things that go on now. SMH. It makes me happy to see celebs using their power for positive messages.  Diddy has teamed up with WWE to help the fight against bullying.  Yea Diddy!  Check out the video after the jump.

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