Burberry Perry Changes Name After Burberry Lawsuit

Yesterday, luxury brand Burberry filed a lawsuit against up-and-coming producer and Lil Yachty affiliate, Burberry Perry, for obvious reasons. In what’s probably the best decision, the Atlanta native has opted not to fight it, and instead has already changed his name. “I am no longer Burberry Perry I am THEGOODPERRY,” he announced last night via both Instagram and Twitter, where both of his handles have been changed to match. He also dropped a new song, “Blueberry,” which you can listen to here.

(Photo) Lil Yachty’s Producer Changes Name After Lawsuit Comes About

Lil Yachty’s producer ‘Burberry Perry’ truly had no chance in winning the lawsuit in which he was being sued over his name. He has now decided to change his name to ‘TheGoodPerry.’

Burberry Sues Lil Yachty’s Producer, Burberry Perry

Burberry Perry has only been in the game for a few months, and he’s already watching the classic adage, “More money, more problems,” come true! Iconic luxury line Burberry has sued the young producer/rapper, mad that he’s not only jacked their name, but their logo as well. (See below in the video.) According to the suit, the company fears customers will think it sponsored or is somehow connected to Perry, and after his refusal to respond to multiple cease and desists, they filed the suit. Leave the kid alone, man. No one is confused or thinks he’s affiliated with your company – we assure you. And furthermore, Gucci isn’t barking down Gucci Mane’s back and he’s way more established. Relax, people.

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