(Photo) Wait What?: Burger King Has Now Bought Popeyes

Burger King’s parent company, Restaurant Brands International, has now bought Popeyes for $1.8 billion dollars! This means that KFC has some real competition coming its way. As of now, KFC has 18,000-plus stores worldwide, compared to Popeye’s 2,600. With the now big collab, KFC’s Colonel Sanders just might need to keep a close eye.

(Photo) Oop: Burger King Does A Kim K Nude

Burger King is trying to be on the same wave Kim Kardashian is on. They took to social media to post an uncensored nude of a Whopper. Hilarious!

(Photo) LMFAO: Burger King Hits Us With “The Lunch Of Pablo” Menu

In honor of Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo,” Burger King gives us, “The Lunch of Pablo” menu.

(Photo) It’s Lit! Burger King Adds Grilled Hot Dogs To Their Menu

For foodies all over – this is extremely exciting news! The Burger King food chain has announced that they are adding grilled hot dogs to their menu. The new addition will be available at every BK restaurant starting February 23rd. Not only is this great news for our stomachs, but they will also give customers the option to get a regular or chili cheese dog! Options, people.. it’s all about options.

WTH: Florida Man Arrested For Burning His Burger King Uniform

A former Burger King employee learned that he can’t always have his way after setting his uniform on fire after he got fired. Police said that after Timothy Ortiz was fired he walked outside of the Burger King and lit his uniform shirt and hat on fire and left it burning on the sidewalk, which happened to be three feet from a gas line to the restaurant. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Video) NBA: Stephen Curry Starred in Cool Burger King Commercials With Dad Dell Curry When He Was Younger

The CSN Bay Area broadcast dug up quite a gem on Monday night during the Golden State Warriors game against the Charlotte Hornets.  As you may already know, Dell Curry was a big star on the Hornets back in the day.  He even did a Burger King commercial and in the commercial also was none other than his son Stephen Curry.  In the ad Steph tells his dad that he wants to grow up to be a basketball player.  He also asks Dell what does it take to grow up and be a great basketball player.  Hey Burger King, if you aren’t on this already, a follow up commercial needs to be filmed ASAP!  The newer ones probably won’t say “Dell Curry & Son” this time; it’s clear who’s the bigger star now.

L M F A O: Burger King Puts Out A #PettyWap Ad Poking Fun At Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Mix-Up

Ever since Sunday night when Steve Harvey accidentally announced the wrong Miss Universe 2015 winner, the internet has been more petty than usual with all of the non-stop memes. Thanks to Burger King, even actual advertisements are getting in on this petty party over the mix-up!

(Photos + Video) Burger King Pays For Wedding Of A Man Named Burger & Woman Named King!

Joel Burger, 24 and Ashley King, 25, got married in a ceremony that was paid for by Burger King. Check out the video as well as photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

(Photos) Dylann Roof Fed Burger King After His Arrest!

Of course, after this crazy lunatic killed nine innocent souls in a church building his actions are being “rewarded”. It’s f***ed up to see how the society we live in operates. Dylann Roof was pampered and fed Burger King after his arrest! Smh.

(Photos) Boxing: Damn Burger King Paid How Much to Walk Out With Floyd Mayweather?!

Floyd Mayweather’s nickname is Money for a reason.  Not only did the undefeated boxer make a record $180 million for winning the fight, he also got $5 million to endorse Hublot, the luxury watch brand on his shorts.  But it doesn’t stop there.  As Mayweather walked out to the ring he not only had Justin Bieber with him, he also walked out with another king, the Burger King.  Everyone was confused as to why the Burger King was with Floyd but you had to know he was getting PAID for it, and now we know how much.

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