Whoa! This Kid Got A Little Extra ‘Happy’ In His Meal!!!

So although they weren’t at McDonald’s, they definitely were at a Major fast food chain when a family got an Adult surprise in their kids Meal…Hit the Jump!

Really Tho?! Burger King Introduces Hands-Free Whopper Holder !!!

Who would of thought Fast Food would get easier. Hit the jump for the full story!

Nice!!! Burger King Delivery Increasing Where?!?!

2 Cities that probably could use it the most, hit the jump for the full story!

Disgusting! Burger King Admits To Using Horsemeat In Their Burgers

When I was younger I heard rumors that Burger King really used horsemeat in their burgers but I dismissed them as just rumors, but now it seems it’s the truth. Earlier in the week Burger King meat was being investigated for being tainted with horsemeat despite claiming to be all beef. Although the horsemeat burgers don’t pose a risk, it’s still disgusting. I know that some people may eat horse and other animals, but if a place is promising all beef they should receive all beef. If fast food wasn’t gross enough, now there’s even more reason for me to stay away from it! Read more about the horse burgers below.

So Sad: Father’s Funeral Stops At Burger King Drive-Thru So Daughter Can Bury Him With One Last Whopper

A 88-year-old Pennsylvania man and his a life-long love for the whopper jr were buried together a few days ago. His procession made one last visit to a drive-thru Burger King on the day of his funeral. David S. Kime Jr.’s had all his family and friends making their way to the popular chain restaurant Burger King, picking up 40 Whopper Jr. burgers on the way to the cemetery – including one they buried with him. His daughter claimed, ‘His version of eating healthy was the lettuce on the Whopper Jr.’ So sad! See the photos of the whole entourage going to Burger King before his funeral below!

Man Get’s His Last Wish To Come True !!!

Never heard of this before, but c’mon it’s the man’s last wish. Hit the jump for the full story.

Baghdad’s Burger King Ripoff!?

Baghdad seems to be on a fast-food kick since they opened up many Burger King Rip-offs all around the Iraq capitol. Click below for the story. Melissa Nash

(Photo) Burger King Worker Posts Pic Of Himself Stepping On Food He Serves People!

A Burger King worker posted pictures on the internet of himself stepping in a bin full of lettuce at his job and captioned it “this is the lettuce you eat at Burger King”.  Hit the jump for the pic and to find out exactly what happened to him! Steph Bassanini

Burger King Introduces Summer Menu Including Bacon Sundae

Burger King has launched a nationwide summer menu that will include Frozen Lemonade, Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ burgers and chicken sandwiches, BBQ Pulled Pork, and Bacon Sundaes. After being tested in Nashville, TX restaurants, the food chain went nationwide with their limited time menu. The Bacon Sundae comes with a whole strip of bacon, bacon crumbles, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrup. I get the whole sweet and salty at the same time but this sounds gross. Read a review of the sundae below. Julie1205

Burger King Bacon Sundae Goes On The Menu

Burger King wants to lure customers this summer with a barbecue party – and a bacon sundae. The world’s second biggest hamburger chain is launching several pork, beef and chicken sandwiches as limited time offers. Click below to find out more. WiL Major

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